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11 Awkward Moments That Will Happen In Your First Year In University.

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11 Awkward Moments That Will Happen In Your First Year In University. by : 12:34 pm On June 26, 2018

Your first year in university can be a big eye opener. Most likely your first big shot at independence. Think of it as a cauldron potion of confetti glitz, glamour, glitter, sugar, spice and everything nice. But it also has it’s perks and these are far from anything pretty. So here’s a compilation of 11 of those not so pretty moments to watch out for so they don’t take you by surprise when they happen. I’ve lived through them, you can too.

  1. You will get home sick no matter how happy you were to leave the house initially. While I was in my first year, I found myself calling home every single day and once it was the weekend, I’d pack a bag and travel back home. I missed my friends, my church, my sisters, the cooking, the house, every single thing. Nevertheless, how much home sick you get varies, depending on your level of attachment to your home.
  2. There will be boys, lots and lots of them. This is specifically for the girls though. You’ll get flattered so much, feeling vain will seem normal. Want a piece of advice? Don’t buy any of it, especially when he says he’s in his final year doing his clearance blah blah blah. That’s the biggest red flag because chances are he’s just looking to score as many final flings as possible before leaving school. If you think secondary school boys are total players, think of University boys as the inventors of the game. So don’t give them your number, don’t tell them where you stay and certainly do not accept their invitation to “hang out”. Doesn’t mean there are no good ones, but you shouldn’t be focusing on boys at this stage.
  3. You will get broke and it won’t even be because you were reckless with money. It will just happen and keep happening until you get the hang of it and become grounded in managing Your finances.
  4. Arriving late to lectures especially when it’s an early morning lecture. This means you’ll get stuck in the back with the worst of views and lose both interest and focus fifteen minutes into the lecture. I used to arrive ten minutes earlier and still not get a good seat. I would be stuck in the back with candy crush players and Facebook addicts and pre degree gossipers. Learn to arrive at most thirty minutes before the lecture, anything less than that is being late.
  5. Getting lost because it’s not your secondary school with two blocks. When this happened to me, it was the cherry on the icing after a week filled with one awkward moment after the other. When I eventually got home, I cried through the evening and went to bed without dinner. If you get lost, ask for directions, don’t wander around aimlessly, and try to keep mental landmarks.
  6. Walking into the wrong lecture hall haha. It happens and it’s so not funny then. You hurry into a lecture theatre already filled with students, slightly embarrassed for coming late, take out your materials and start jotting down trying to catch up, only to realize moments later that you are in the wrong class. Then you have to take the walk of shame, excusing yourself out of the class. That moment – priceless.
  7. The bathroom wars – as a rule, you should stay in a school hostel during your first year. It will help you adjust better and there are so many activities you certainly should not miss out on . But one of the perks besides having to share a tiny cubicle with roommates, is taking your bath with about 11 other girls present, sharing toilets, it was my biggest challenge in my first year. I survived through this by waking up extra early, as early as 4am to take my bath, and in the evenings, I’ll wait till around 11pm. Stay strong for this.
  8. The feeding struggle was another thing to contend with. Before now, your mum made the meals and you helped and the cooking was done in a much larger scale. If you are like me, you’ll realize with time that cooking and eating by yourself is totally boring. I used to cook total rubbish in a large scale and then throw it all away. I detested junks so combined with the school stress, I lost weight like mad.
  9. Welcome to adulthood – when you get into the University, people automatically label and start treating you like an adult. They didn’t believe in any form of innocence existing in you, they didn’t want to invite you to children parties or give you candy. It’s like they were kicking you out of childhood unceremoniously. Everything you did was scrutinized and judged, wearing makeup meant you’ve started following guys, you being on your phone became an issue, you were expected to handle more responsibilities and behave more maturely, stop watching cartoon. When this happens, because it will, just take it with a pinch of salt. You will be an adult like their expectations, and it’s okay if it’s not their time. Don’t let it get to you, hold on for as long as possible.
  10. Don’t get me started on the loneliness because a major part of your first year will be like this – lonely. You’ll be surrounded by people but it will take time before you eventually adjust and get your own circle. And when it happens, it will be yours and yours alone.
  11. The social deal breaker, answering a question in class and getting it wrong. Don’t, I repeat, don’t, let this happen to you. If it does, bear in mind that by the next day nobody will probably remember. It is not the end of the universe.

And we’re done. I leave you with this quote

“to be old and wise, you must first be young and foolish “

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