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WAEC 2021 Civic Education Expo Questions and answers

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WAEC 2021 Civic Education Expo Questions and answers by : 7:00 pm On August 24, 2021

Civic Education is among the recent subjects that were introduced into the Nigerian Secondary school syllabus. And it has been made compulsory for everybody irrespective of your discipline. The 2021 WAEC Civic education exam will take place on the 26th of August, 2021. In this article, I will show you how to get the 2021 WAEC Civic Education Expo answers.

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Secret cult is an enclosed organized association or group of people devoted to the same cause. It is also referred to as a dangerous and deadly group that share common ideologies, believe in secret, esoteric, mystic and engage in violent practices. Members of the cult groups commit themselves to oath allegiance, which serves as their strong bond.

(i)Public campaign against cultism: Different organizations, including the government, schools, religious institutions, and parents, should promote awareness against cultism. Seminars and workshops should be organized to discuss the dangers of cultism all over schools without leaving out the primary schools.

(ii)Government Standard: The government should also make laws to punish cultists for pushing away students and young people from joining these groups. The political leaders supporting them should also be put to judgment because they are damaging other children’s lives to make theirs better;

(iii)Discipline and Studying hard in school to achieve success: Students should be kept busy and engage in school via curricular and extra curricular activities. Because it is a known fact that an “idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. When students are engage with hard work, they will not have time to join cult.

(iv)Moral Education should be made compulsory in the primary and secondary schools in the country.Parents should take time to understand their children, give enough time to listen to them at home and satisfy their emotional psychological and physical needs.

Civil society organization: Civil society organization are groups of people who came together to pursue a common cause or goal and equally provide an alternative to pressure groups in many areas like politics, human right matters etc. They are non-governmental organization (NGOs) who are defenders of laws,fundamental rights, justices and good governance.

Free and independent press: The press is one of the vital institutions in the practice of government and also a major pillar of true democracy. No democracy exists without free press. The press can be described as the total sum of all the organization and systems that make up the mass media of any given society. The press or mass media includes all agents of public opinion and the watch dog that speaks through the voice or by pen.

Political party: Political party is an organization of citizens who act together as a political unit, having distinctive aims and objectives involving political questions in the state and acting together and seeking to obtain controls of government. Political parties are usually the institutions involved in the electoral contests. They exist in order to contest elections or bring about a condition that will lead to election of people’s representatives to legislative and executive councils.

(i) Anti Party activities: some party members are disloyal and involved in anti party activities which will lead to competition among each party

(ii)Irresponsible acts: Most of the party leaders are irresponsible. Many of them were imposed on party members or faithfuls. Irresponsible acts lead to division and competition among parties.

(iii)corruption and favouritism: Political parties are always guilty of nepotism ,bribery and corruption. Corruption and favouritism is one of the major cause of competition among parties

Youth empowerment is an idea or programmes fashioned to enable the youth learn skills, trade or profession. it is inherent in the idea of training and education. Youth empowerment aims at laying a solid foundation for sustainable poverty reduction, employment generation, wealth creation and value orientation.

(i) Life Coping Skills: These are natural skills which every organism including man, acquires from birth to adapt fittingly in his or its environment. They are survival Instincts or skills.

(ii) Manipulative Skills: These skills are seen in skills acquisition centres as it involves economic activities that inculcate skills such as technical education.

(iii) Intellectual Skills: These skills are coordinates in character. It is the literary or theoretical frameworks that guide the practical aspects of the works, economic and scientific undertakings

(iv) Communicative Skills: Communication is a very important aspect of our life. Man evolved communications skills as a social being to enable him pass or send information from one person to the other or from place to place.

(v) Artistic Skills: These are close to communicative skills and are more complex. Includes they art of good writing, fine and applied arts, music and drama. These skills make effective use of all the other four kinds of skills where necessary.

(vi)Decision-making skills: These can be the difference in making a choice that improves your organization. The aptitude to make decisions is a leadership trait, which portrays your ability to think objectively and relates concepts to the goals you’re trying to reach.

(i)Right to life: Life is the greatest gift of God. We must do our best to protect our lives and while we do this, we must not do things that will destroy other people’s lives of put them in danger.

(ii)Freedom of speech: The UDHR declare that human beings have the right to speak their minds or express their opinion without dear of being intimidated or punished.

(iii)Freedom of Assembly: We all have the right to gather together with out friends and gold meeting in any place of our choice . Nobody can force us to join any group against our will.

(iv)Freedom from fear: We all have the right to be protected by the law and have the right to live as citizen of our country without fear

(v)Freedom from Want: The basic of man should be provided by out various government. Those needs are food, clothing and shelter. This is why the UDHR has listed it as one of the core freedom.

(vi)Freedom from discrimination: Everyone is entitled to all the Right and freedoms in the UDHR. Nobody should be discriminated against because of race, s*x, religion, color, language, birth etc.

(vii)Freedom of movement: We all have the right to move about freely in our country and to go where we want to go without being harassed. If the government imposes curfew, it limits your freedom of movement.

(i)Study and know your Fundamental Human Rights and the Articles of the UDHR: You cannot claim Rights if you do not know that they exist and you cannot immediately quote them when the need arises. Ignorance is the greatest challenge to the UDHR.

(ii)Individuals who know their Rights must help Teach Others: Do not keep the knowledge to yourself alone. You must be ready to alert other people when their Fundamental Human Rights have been violated and teach them what to do to seek redress. You can do this when discussing with friends in your school

(iii)Groups can channel Advocacy through the print and Electronic media: Each Human rights group should have a website where they can be reached easily. They can publish abuses of human rights and their recommendations in newspaper,magazines and journals. They can also speak put through the radio and television

(iv)Groups can organize a forum from Time to Time and Educate people on human right: They can organize lectures on good governance and how government can help to promote and preserve human rights. In Nigeria a group known as human right watch has devoted much energy, time and resources to educate people on the need for preservation of human right and championing the cause of the helpless.

Modern mode of popular participation is the mode of popular participation carried out through expressing of oneself through the mass media.

[Pick Any SiX] (i) Legitimacy of elected governments: If citizens actively participate in electoral process, society will have an elected legitimate government.
(ii) National development: There will be rapid socio-economic development if citizens participate in the electoral or political process.
(iii) Political stability: This ensures law and order for economic and political development in the society.
(iv) Responsible and responsive government: The society will elect or get a government that is receptive to the people’s concerns, needs and aspirations.
(v) Political awareness: When citizens participate in the electoral/political process, they will become politically conscious, enjoy their rights and perform corresponding duties and obligations to the society.
(vi) Credible elections: When citizens actively participate in the electoral or political process it will confer credibility on the process.
(vii) Peaceful order of succession: Peaceful transition is ensured from one regime to another.
(viii) Peace and harmony: When citizens actively participate in the political process they will enjoy peace and harmony without much agitation.
(ix) Accountability, transparency, due process and probity: Active participation of citizens in the political process ensures accountability, transparency, due process and probity in governance for the common good of the society.

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Why Was Civic Education Added to The Secondary School Syllable?
Now, you are about to write the 2021 WAEC Civic Education, and you may be wondering why the government has decided to add insult to your injury by introducing Civic Education into the WAEC syllabus. We cannot say that the people that added this subject to the syllabus are fools.

They actually have reasons why they not only implemented it but made it compulsory. Civic Education will help you to know your right and also help to build a united Nigeria.

Basic Things You Should Know About WAEC 2019 Expo
Although the educational body frowns on any illegal manipulation during an examination, we cannot deny the fact that Expo has continued to hold sway in the country and we can neither blame the students nor the officials who make this available to us. The government has failed to pay adequate attention to the School system.

It is obvious that average Nigerian public schools lack the basic amenities for learning. There is a saying that you can’t ask a child to give you what you didn’t give him. That being said, the Government can’t expect a malpr@ctice free examination when they have not prepared the students well for the examination.

Taking all these into consideration, we have decided to help students with the WAEC Civic Education Expo questions and  answers. Read below to know how to subscribe to our Runz.

How to Subscribe to WAEC 2019 Civic Education Expo Answers

While there are many websites offering WAEC Civic Education Answers, Earboard.com has remained the best source for any Expo service. We offer Jamb Expo, Neco Expo, WAEC Expo, Neco GCE Expo, NABTEB and a whole lot of others.

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How Much Does the WAEC 2021 Expo for Civic Education Cost?
We understand that you are a student and we were once students like you so we have brought the price down to the point that everybody can afford it. Listen; there is no other place you can get this cheaper than here. The Waec 2021 Civic Education Expo answers will cost you only N300.

N300 is for both the Theory and objective answers. Hope that is cheap and fair! Read further to know how to make the payment.

How to Make Payment for WAEC 2021 Civic Education Answers
The payment mode for this service is Airtime . We have chosen Airtime because we want something that will be easy for you. The payment is done with an MTN recharge card.

Once you buy the card, send your mobile phone number, the subject you need and the MTN pin(s) to 09067385575. You will receive a confirmation message when we recharge the card. Another important tutorial is waiting below so don’t get tired yet.

How to Get WAEC 2021 Civic Education Answers After Making Payment
You managed to pay for our Expo and you want to know how or where to view the answers, here is the how-to guide.
After making payment for our Runz, we will send a link and password to the number you provided when you paid for our Expo. When you get the link, enter the link in your browser. The page will ask you to put the password sent to you so that you can view the answer. Quickly enter the password and you will see all the answers there. If you would like the answers sent to you through other means, like on Whatsapp or Facebook, kindly message or call +2349067385575.

How Many Hours Before the Exam, will the answers arrive?
This is another question that students ask us. For the sake of truth, I will like to be plain here. Expo is not a meeting schedule and no one can say exactly when it will be done because so many factors such as teachers, sources, invigilators etc can affect it. To be on the safe side, our answers, on average, arrive 2 hours before the exam starts.

Do you have Proof for the Answers?
Looking for proof? Like I said earlier we have been in the business for a long time now. As a matter of fact, this very page, you are reading now, was simply edited. Check the publication date.

The page was first created for the last year’s WAEC Civic Education Expo and the answers to their question were also solved and posted here. You can see the answers below.

Civic OBJ

Justice is what we as society regard as “right” based on our moral concepts of ethics, rationality, law, religion, equity and fairness, in other words, justice is the proper application of law.
(i) Scales: Lady Justice is most often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from one hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition.
(ii) Blindfold: Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status.
(iii) Sword: The sword represented authority in ancient times, and conveys the idea that justice can be swift and final.
[Pick Any FIVE] (i) The drug addict exhibit the behaviour of drug dependence
(ii) The person would not have value for decency or modest in dressing
(iii) The drug addict engages in bad behaviours like immoral utterances, flagrant disregard of values, especially norms and etiquette of the society
(iv) The victim is characteristic of disobedience to constituted authority of the family, society, school etc
(v) Drug addict has quarrelsome and rebellions disposition which makes him/her quarrel at slightest provocation
(vi) Another behaviour exhibited by drug addict is idleness.
(vii) Drug addicts exhibit criminal tendencies. They steal, rob, kidnap and rape and are custodians and carriers of social vices.
(6ai) H*V:
H*V which simply means human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that causes AIDS which is spread through certain body fluids that attacks the body’s immune system. Once in the body, H*V attacks the immune system cells which perform various tasks such as fighting common diseases. When one is H*V positive, it means that he or she has the AIDS causing virus in the body fluids. This does not mean a person is already suffering from aids.
(6aii) AIDS:
AIDS which means Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (H*V). It is the most severe phase of H*V i*******n. People with AIDS have such badly damaged immune systems that they get an increasing number of severe illnesses, called opportunistic infections.
(i) Fever
(ii) Unexplained w*********s
(iii) Rashes
(iv) Night sweats
(v) Muscle aches
(vi) Sore throat
(vii) Fatigue
(viii) Swollen lymph nodes
(ix) Mouth ulcers
(x) Chronic diarrhea
(i) Constitution is supreme
(ii) Equality of the law
(iii) Presence of fundamental human right
(i) Immunity clauses: The constitution stands as a protection to the Executives & Ambassadors from being sued while in office, which puts them above some laws.
(ii) Military rule: This is the forceful take over of civilian government which gives them power to suspend the constitution and then promulgate degree which abuse the fundamental human Rights
(iii) State of emergency: It promote unlawful arrest and restrictions of movement which is an abuse of Rule of law
(iv) Age: its a limitation to equality before the law, since under age (below 18) are given special treatment and privileges that protect them from capital punishment when engaged in crime.
Political apathy is the lack of interest in politics and political activities by the citizens of a country. When citizens are not interested in the political programmes of a country due to one reason or the other, political apathy is said to have taken place, e.g. the cold feet Nigerians often develop during elections which makes them not to go out to vote could be regarded as political apathy.
[Pick any TWO]

(i) Corruption will set in when dishonourable people fill the vacuum created by the absence of credible citizens.
(ii) There will be no accountability on the part of the
government because the people that are supposed to keep the government and the leaders in check have shown no interest in the affairs of the country.
(iii) There will be emergence of an undemocratic government
(iv) Political apathy breeds lawlessness and disorderliness in society
[Pick Any FOUR]

(i) Encouraging credible opposition in the political process in order to give the people wider choices.
(ii) Encouraging the people to become favourably disposed towards joining popular groups to enhance
(iii) Encouraging popular participation in elections.
(iv) Defending the fundamental human rights of citizens.
(v) Making leaders accountable to the people who elected them.
(vi) Ensuring good governance which inspires confidence in the citizens to participate in political activities.

Previous WAEC Civic Education Answers
i)Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered. The concept of justice differs in every culture.
ii)Courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.
iii)The dignity of labour, also known as the dignity of work, is the philosophy that all types of jobs are respected equally, and no occupation is considered superior.
i)Broaden your perspective. Being selfless starts with having the ability to see beyond your personal concerns and empathize with others, even those you’ve never met. If you’re constantly consumed by your own problems and status, you won’t have time or energy to act selflessly.

ii)Think about how other people feel. Empathy and selflessness go hand in hand. If you understand how someone else feels, you’ll be more likely to be moved to act selflessly toward that person. iii)Be selfless even when no one notices. Selfless people don’t act with kindness and generosity with the expectation of getting credited for it. They do it because it’s the right thing to do, and because it feels good to help other people when you have the capacity to do so.

an interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring
I)Communication skills,
ii)Verbal Communication
iii) non-verbal communication
iv)Listening Skills
v)Emotional intelligence


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    Baba you will never lack in your lifetime because you are someone that is so considerate and concerned about others.. Sir kindly help us post the answers earlier like 20 or 30 mins after the start of the exam…stay blessed as you do sir.. .

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    Civic OBJ: 1DBDBD 11 21DBBDBDDADD 31DAC 41 solving and typing… 7a) 1. By participating in election 2. By knowing and defending our right 3. By joining or belonging to popular organizations like the NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress). 4. By peaceful demonstration 5. Through strike 7b) 1.Lack of credible candidate. Since the beginning of the post-military era, there has been a continuous cycle of politicians. People do not have so many options from which they vote. 2.Current condition of governance. This is probably the number one reason for political apathy in Nigeria. The government has failed to provide good leadership and governance for the country, as a result, the level of apathy towards politics and governance has increased.

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