2017 WAEC GCE Agric Practical Answers

2017 WAEC GCE Agric Practical Answers

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It is used to seperate sands from stones
-It should be clean after used
-It should be kept in a cool dry place
-If it made up of metal, It should be grease before long
time store
(i) Clay – 0.002mm
(ii) SIlt – 0.002mm – 0.02mm
(iii) Find sand 0.02mm – 0.2mm
(iv) Coarse sand – 0.2 – 2mm
-Application of slake lime
-Application of quick lime
-Application of ash
-Application of limestone
-Application of organic manure

(2a)disc plough
I – furrow wheel
II – beam
III – furrow width adjustment
IV – disc scraper
V – disc
I – furrow wheel:
It provides a balancing effect for the plough as it support
both vertical and side thrusts.
II – beam:
It holds disc firmly to the beam
III – furrow width adjustment
It holds the disc firmly to the beam
IV – disc scraper:
It is a point of attachment to the tractor or work animal
V – disc:
it rotates and cut the soil into vertical and horizontal
upside down for agricultural activities.
this is a particular implement used for turning the soil
upside down into lumps for farming purpose.
-wash and clean after use
-store in a cool dry place
-always do periodic checks before and after use to
increase life span.
-grease metal parts or joints to prevent excessive
-tighten all bolts and nuts in the machine

I – Tassel
II – silks
III – husk
IV – leaf blade
V – leaf sheath
-propagated by seed
-maybe planted manually
-The husks can be removed from the cobs
-shelling should be done to remove grains from the
-winnowing is done to remove dirt from the grain.
use of corn-picker
-maize rust
-leaf blight
-breeding of resistant varieties.
-applying recommended fungicides.

II-fowl tick
-it leads to loss of blood.
-it causes liver rot
-it obstructs the bile duct
-it may result in death
-it lead to digestive disturbance
-tick fever
-heart water diseases
(4e)dipping of the animal.
-animals should be kept in a clean surrounding.
-ticks should be hand picked from the body of the host
-practice rotational grazing or paddocking
-animal bedding should be changed regularly.

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