2017 WAEC GCE Biology (Alternative to Practical) Answers

2017 WAEC GCE Biology (Alternative to Practical) Answers

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Pectoral Girdle(Scapula
II-Spine of scapula
IV -Glenoid cavity
(i) Humerus
(ii) Ball and socket Joint
(i) It holds the upper limb to the axial skeleton
(ii) Attachment of muscles
I – Sunlight
II – Oxygen
III – Bubbles of gas
IV – test tube
V – funnel
VI – water
VII – Beaker
VIII- Elodea
(i)To show that oxygen is given off During photosynthesis.
-carbon (iv)oxide
(iii) Photosynthesis
(iv) The oxygen can be tested by bringing a glowing splincter close to it,which will be rekindled.

A- Commensalism relationship
B- predation
C- symbiotic relationship
beneficial | harmful
A and B
C and D
A-cattle and cattle egrets
B-Fox and hen
C-Moss and tree
E-Pig and tapeworm
C-Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together
D-epiphytism. a form of mutualism in which one plant lives on the surface of another

I) Operculum
II) Hind limb
III) Tympanum
Iv) Trunk
VI)Lateral line
VII)Dorsal fin
VIII)Caudal fin
-They are poikilothermic or cold blooded animals |They are aquatic animals
-They have fins which are used for movement/gaseous exchange in water|They have gills which are used for gaseous exchange
-They have naked or moist and glandular skin with no external skin |The skin is covered by scales but few are without scales
-They both posses scale
-They both posses eyes
-They both posses respiratory organs
Class of vertebrae A-Amphibian
Class of vertebrae B-Pisces
-They posses fins which are used for movement
-They posse swim bladder which enables them to maintain bouyancy in water
-They posses lateral line system of vibration
-They posses pigment on their skin which act as a camouflage against its predators
-They posess scales on the skin which reduces water loss from the body
-They posses digits or claws use for self defence
-They are use for the preparation of local medication
-They are use for food

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