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WAEC 2021/2022 Chemistry Practical Expo Questions and Answers

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WAEC 2021/2022 Chemistry Practical Expo Questions and Answers by : 7:30 am On August 2, 2021

WAEC 2021 Chemistry practical exam will be held today 8th August 2020. As we have been doing for other exams, we are here to help you with the Chemistry practical answers. For science students, practicals are very important exams because they carry a lot of marks. There is a saying that any student who has passed practical, has already passed the theory and obj part of the exam and vise versa. To some extent, this is true. If you do well in this Chemistry practical, you have got 60% chance of crediting your chemistry paper. Because of this, you should be very serious with the exam. Most importantly, you should subscribe to Earboard.com Waec Runz so that you get correctly solved questions and nswers for the Chemistry practical exam.

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For those who have paid for our runz, click the button below to see the answers. For those who have not subscribed, read further to know how to subscribe!

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Please make sure you use your school endpoint in that number 1. In my answer, you will see that i used 12.50cm3. Make sure you use what your school used. So try edit my 12.50cm3 and put yours, then recalculate. Meaning that you should replace my 12.50cm3 with your school’s endpoint anywhere you see it on my work. Some school got 12.90cm3, 13.00cm3, some even got 18.50cm3, etc



Burette reading|ROUGH|1st |2nd |3rd
Final |13.60|15.50|14.80|12.50
Initial |1.00 |3.10 |2.40 |0.00
Vol. acid used |12.60|12.60|12.40|12.50

Volume of S2O3²- =12.60+12.40+12.50/3

Conc. in g/dm³ = molar mass * conc in mol/dm³
But molar mass of Na2S2O3
=46 + 64 + 48
Therefore 15.8g/dm³ = 158g/mol * conc of A in mol/dm³

Conc of A in mol/dm³ = 15.8/158

Using CaVa/CbVb = na/nb
0.1*12.50/Cb * 25.00 = 2/1

50Cb = 1.25
Cb = 1.25/50
Cb = 0.025mol/dm³

The conc of I2 in B = 0.025mol/dm³

Gram conc of I2 = molar mass * molar conc
= (1272)0.025

Percentage mass of I2 in sample = 6.35/9.0 *100%
= 0.7056 * 100%

There have to be a change in the colour of the mixture before it is added. The end point is known when the blue colour formed as starch is added, changes to colourless


TEST: Salt C+10cm^3 of distilled water and shake with filter
INFERENCE: Salt C dissolves partly in water to give colourless filerate and residue
OBSERVATION: Salt C contains both soluble and insoluble salts

TEST: 2cm^3 of filterate of salt C +AgNO3(aq) then dil HNO3
INFERENCE: Formation of white ppt then the white ppt remains
OBSERVATION: Cl- or CO3^2- present

TEST: Solution from 2bi + NH3(aq) in excess
INFERENCE: The white ppt formed in 2bi dissolves in NH3(aq)
OBSERVATION: Cl- confirmed

TEST: Residue of C + 2cm^3 of dil HCl then shake
INFERENCE: Effervescence occurs with the liberation of a gas that is odourless and colourless but turns lime water milky and turns moist blue litmus paper to red
OBSERVATION: Acidic gas is evolved ie CO2 is evolved from CO3^2- or HCO3-

TSET: Mixture from 2ci +NH3(aq) in drops then in excess
INFERENCE: Blue gelatinous ppt is formed in drops which turns deep blue colouration in excess
OBSERVATION: Cu^2+present, Cu^2+ confirmed

On adding BaCl2 solutions to a portion of saturated Na2CO3 precipitate is formed,precipitate dissolves on adding excess dilute HCl

Q is reducing agent like SO2, H2S, CO

calcium oxide(CaO)

concentrated H2SO4

NaOH pellet is deliquescent because it absorb moisture from the atmosphere to form solution
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