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6 Reasons Your Face Isn’t Getting Any Better

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6 Reasons Your Face Isn’t Getting Any Better by : 2:38 pm On June 14, 2018

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

  • Why are my pimples never going?
  • Why do my pimples go for sometime then come back with vengeance?
  • Why is my face darker/lighter than the rest of my body?
  • How do I get rid of these dark circles for good?
  • What about these ugly spots?
  • Why is my face forever oily whilst my body is dry?
  • What exactly am I not doing enough/right????

You Are Not Alone

All you want is a spotless, smooth, beautiful and glowing skin. You know the struggle well, you’ve combed through every article you found on the net, tried every recommended product, invested thousands of nairas on creams and concotions that one Iya Siri in Yaba market promised you will work magic, yet nothing seems to be working???. It’s like this is your fate you tell yourself and embarrassment won’t let you rock those filter free selfies or socialize freely. Bad skin has ebbed away on your confidence more than you care to admit?. Yikes! Lol.

I’m familiar with your kind of struggle, I’ve met with it almost every day for the past two years. And you know what I noticed, 7 out 10 persons (including you) have skin issues they could well have solved long ago, but haven’t, because they overlook these simple errors when taking care of their face.

Are You Serious? Oya Tell Me What These Simple Errors Are?

  1. Your face cream has no sun protection. You should only use a face cream that has sun protection, except you use it only at night. No compromises. And the minimum spf in your face cream should be 15. My go to brand is Pai Mei products or Caike if your skin tolerates ginseng. 
  2. You use a face cleanser that contains Alcohol. Except you have an extremely oily face and Do Not go under the sun, you should never use a cleanser that contains alcohol. Invest instead in an alcohol-free one like Clearasil and Morning Burst. The problem with alcohol is that it’ll over dry your face and the gradual effects are wrinkles and accelerated aging.?
  3. Dirty pillow covers???. Need I say more? Before cleansers and face cream, the number two most important thing for your skin is hygiene?. (number one is listed under). Bacteria from unwashed sheets and towels stay on your face and clog up your pores, leading to skin problems like pimples and eczema. Yikes! You can avoid all of that by overcoming laziness and washing your sheets! Please! ?
  4. You always have makeup on?. And some of you go to bed with makeup on!??? C’mon! Besides bacteria, excessive makeup for long hours also block your pores, preventing your skin from breathing. I’ll advice you lay off the foundation and brown powder and invest instead in a cheap white power like Ponds oil control or Passion Talcum Powder. 
  5. Your face cream has harsh chemicals. Do you know the ingredients in your skin care products. Quite opposed to popular belief, the lesser and milder they are, the safer, better and more efficient. Personally if it contains more than 10 ingredients, I don’t even consider using it. Even some natural products, contain these harsh chemicals?. And the ingredients you should certainly avoid at all costs? ☠️ Hydroquinone, Mercury, Lead, Sulfates, Fragrance, Retinol, Parabens, BHA, BHT and Oxybenzone, to mention a few.
  6. What are you eating? No seriously, what are you eating?Your diet is the number one most important thing you can do for your skin. While every other thing works from the surface, what you eat works from the inside. Trash the junk??? and artificial sugars??, I’m talking sodas especially. Try taking in more fruits? and vegetables?? and your skin will thank you for it. Of course the effects are slow and will only start being obvious over a period of time but you’ll never regret you started eating healthy today.
  7. (Bonus) You are using your body cream on your face. Stop it joor! 90 per cent of the time, your face and the rest of your body are different skin types and thus have different needs. What you use on your face should be face products exclusively prepared to cater for the needs of the skin in your face. Some body creams are made for face as well but then you’ve got to make sure your face ain’t got any issues atm and is the same with the rest of your body. But if your face were issue free, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you? ?

On A Closing Note

Now you know seven mistakes to avoid, but skin care can be sometimes so much more. To know more on beauty and skin care, make sure to follow my profile?. Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section. Cheers. ?

About dream

Content writer | Certified Esthetician | In a serious relationship with coke, good books, tasty food and comedy | Hire me to write amazing articles for your blog/website | Ask me all of your questions on skin issues and products. Xoxo.

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