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8 Types Of People You Should Avoid Dating

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8 Types Of People You Should Avoid Dating by : 2:26 pm On June 16, 2018
  1. Cheaters: There’s this popular (and really wrong) mindset that all men cheat. So a lot of women settle for men who keep cheating over and over again. Some even go as far as to see it as a right. Don’t get me wrong, women cheat too, infidelity is not limited to a particular gender. But just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean you should settle. You should never settle for someone who keeps cheating even though they are aware of how much their actions hurt you. You should never put yourself in the position of being taken for granted, if they can’t stay faithful, dump their cheating a*s and move on. You deserve peace of mind.
  2. Liars: These people tend to LIE about everything! even when it’s not necessary. Once is a mistake, twice is an habit. The problem with someone who lies habitually is they’re digging a very huge hole and some day, they’re going to fall into it and DRAG you with them. So except you want to go down with them (if they don’t dump you before then), you’ve got to move as far away as possible. Be a good friend and help them conquer this bad habit, but do so from a safe distance.
  3. Narcissists: You know that one person that is always so full of themselves? They have an over enlarged ego? They can never seem to find a fault with themselves? Yep! That’s a typical narcissist. It’s a good thing to love and appreciate yourself, but a narcissist does so and puts others down at the same time. What this implies is that they constantly pick out your faults. Not just yours but that of your friends, their friends, strangers, the rest of the world. It’s so obvious how unhealthy this is and if you value your esteem, you’ll avoid investing in a relationship with this type of people.
  4. The One That Keeps Trying To Change You: Nothing is more toxic than being with someone who makes you feel you’re not good enough, that you have to change the totality of your person to be worth them. It’s okay if they give you pointers on how to improve on some certain areas but when it’s more superficial… you’ve got to pause for a minute and access the situation. Why are they trying so hard to change you? Are you with someone who tells you your skin is too dark or you’ve got to wear more trendy clothes or your job is just not right because you can’t afford to sponsor their excess lifestyle? Are you with someone who dictates who you should hangout with, or makes fun of your weight or is embarrassed to go out with you because you don’t sound British? Maybe you’re really not suited for each other, I suggest you move on before things get real ugly (because they will) and you become enemies for life.
  5. Extremely Insecure: The insecure person is more often than not, frustrated with themselves. And they will transfer that aggression to the relationship and eventually to you. Just like the liars, it’s best you stop the relationship and instead focus on helping them get over this toxic behavior.
  6. Emotionally Needy: These people will drain you both emotionally and mentally with constant emotional blackmail. If you fall into their trap, they’ll slowly demand more and more of you until you are completely isolated with them. The result is you’ll be stagnant just like them and on the fast way to a personality disorder or disease like Depression. Not a good market at all.
  7. Physically Abusive: At the very first sign, you should flee! Never stay in a physically abusive relationship, don’t manage it, don’t try to ‘help’ them change while offering your face as a punching bag. And yes, this applies to guys too. People lose their lives because they stayed in physically abusive relationships, don’t be one of those victims. Just flee.
  8. Disrespectful: If they tell you your opinion doesn’t matter, if they constantly put you down even in the presence of others, if they demand you make compromises they themselves are not willing to ever make, if they use hurtful and insultive words, if they make an habit of doing things you’ve complained you don’t like, such person disrespects you. And you shouldn’t be putting up with any of it. You should always remember that you deserve respect and genuine love. Don’t settle for the loser who treats you like garbage.

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