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An Article for Publication Discussing the Decline in the Level of Discipline in the Society

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An Article for Publication Discussing the Decline in the Level of Discipline in the Society by : 11:48 am On May 8, 2018

You have noticed a general decline in the level of discipline and morality in your society. In an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper, discuss some instances of this decline and its probable causes, and suggest ways in which the trend can be reversed.


The major problem confronting our nation, Nigeria, today is the general decline in the level of discipline and morality. Gone are the days when morality and discipline used to be virtues. Today, it is the exact opposite. We now live in a decadent society where morality and discipline are thrown overboard. It is a pity our society which was once upright and which moral values were standard can become decadent.

The problem is not limited to the secular aspect of our society, even the religious circle. Imagine a situation where a church pastor puts a female member of the church in the family way and calls for extravagant ceremony when she gives birth to a baby! What about a school teacher who puts his own sixteen-years-old female student in the family way because of undue assistance sought by her in a promotion examination? Bank  loans are not granted to customers with good intention but the bad ones whose aim is to borrow and never pay back. However, the bank managers aid and abet such cases because such loans ‘are shared’ equally between the borrowers and the managers even without any physical collateral. The managers themselves use fictitious names and documents to steal millions of naira from our banks.

Today it is an open secret that the November/December SSCE is fought with malpractices, as university graduates write the examination as ‘expert merceneries’ for the candidates who are born with silver spoon in their mouth. The Joint Matriculation Examination is worse. The candidates a times see the questions, days to the examination itself. The question is who are those responsible for such examination malpractices? No doubt, it is the highly placed officials  examination supervisors and invigilators. The story is the same in employment cases. Job are not given to deserving and competent applicants, but to those who offer large bribes and  women who can sleep with those in charge. The story is similar with our law enforcement agents. They are not only corrupt, they now join robbery gangs to operate. A good number of them have lost their sense of moral decency. Most of our rich men are drug barons.

The major cause of this general problem is poverty. A university graduate-teacher in Lagos State earns just N2,200. He is married with three children apart from large number of dependent relatives. His salary alone can hardly take care of transportation and accommodation. The only was open to the poor man is to look elsewhere to make ends meet. That is why most civil servants now augment their meager salaries with ‘trading’. At  times some of the female teachers sell on credit even to their students. Tell me how such teachers will not accept bribes from their students if  tempted.

Another major cause of the bad trend is the unchecked inflation that has nearly ruined the economy. The prices of most essential things like food, wears, books have gone beyond the reach of an average family. To worsen it all the local currency is silently being devalued. This makes imported materials exclusive rights of the rich, as no poor man goes near them. That is why Nigerians now go for fairly used goods.

Extravagant lifestyles of the rich in our society has not helped the situation either. Majority of them acquire their riches illegally, and turn round to engage in wasteful spending. Imagine a man that spends over fifty million Naira to bury his father or for a wedding when millions of Nigerians are jobless and hungry. Such a man could have fleet of cars and estates in virtually all state capitals, yet he does nothing worthwhile to be so rich. That is why most school leavers or jobless adults now go into fraudulent means of getting money.

The major solution to the problem is provision of employment opportunist for all school leavers. Also, there should be mass education of the citizens through the media about the dangers inherent in indiscipline and immorality in our society. Moreover, salaries and wages of public servants should be reviewed like those in the private sector. Extravagant parties, particularly, night parties should be banned outright. There should be probe panels to investigate the sources of wealth of all rich men and women in our society. Those whose handiwork cannot justify their riches should have their properties confiscated. Our educational and religious institutions should preach moral values not acquisition of material wealth. Above all, there should be ethics and oral codes for all and those who fall short of required standard should be made to face the music.

In conclusion, the problem of indiscipline and immorality in our society will soon become a thing of the past if my suggestions are well looked into and honestly implemented.



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  1. double oo

    CHARITY, they say, begins at home. If we are to bring sanity to our society at large then the home front has a lot of role to play in this.
    Discipline starts from home. It is quite unfortunate that homes/ families are faced with so much evils and challenges that they don’t know or are aware of what is going wrong with their kids. A lot of parents are not around to instill discipline in their kids and wards.

    Double OO

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