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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her (Wonderful Ideas from A Pro)

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her (Wonderful Ideas from A Pro) by : 12:54 am On February 8, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a great day to shower your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend with gifts. In this article, I will give you some good ideas for what you could use for your valentine.

Valentine's Day Messages
Valentine’s Day Messages

When it comes to buying a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, there is always this confusion about what to buy. Would this be good for him/her? Would he/she like this? What about the other gift? All these questions are put to rest in this article. Read below for the best gift ideas for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend

22 Velentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend (For Him)

Credit to Cosmopolitan.com, visit page at https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/g4446/best-gifts-for-men/. Click here for content removal.

If you ever find it difficult getting a nice gift for your boyfriend, below are things you could buy or do for him this Valentine’s Day.

A Virtual World

He can enter the world of virtual reality with a durable yet soft headset. Getting one for him would be nice.

2 An All-Inclusive Travel Pack

Neck pillow? Check. Slippers? Check. Eye mask and ear plugs? Check. This gray traveler’s kit has everything he’ll need for a more comfortable journey.

3 A Cool Charger

Keep him connected with a versatile charger set featuring a slim high-speed USB with two universal ports to charge multiple devices at a time.

4 A Versatile Belt

Style made simple: Double his outfit options with a 100% leather belt featuring a gunmetal buckle and adjustable fit.

5 An Informative Clock

Replace his irritating iPhone alarm with something much cooler, like an aluminum clock with sound-activated display. It features the time, date and temperature, and automatically turns off when it’s quiet.

6 A Handy Accessory

No more worrying about his passport, credit cards, and IDs! The most effective way to keep his personal data safe is in this RFID-protected pack, which features anti-theft technology.

7 A Sandalwood-Scented Cologne

A fragrance that smells like sandalwood, leather, and iris will quickly become his new fave to spritz before he leaves the house; plus, it’s a unisex scent that you can totally spray on yourself when he’s not looking.

8 A Vibrant Zip-Up Jacket

A bold checkered red-and-black jacket is perfect for winter—the wool fabric makes it warm, but the print makes it fashionable.

9 A Book of Beer

Consider Mark Dredge’s “The Beer Bucket List,” which has a thorough list of hops-focused information, including a list of the best drinking spots across the globe.

10 A Sweat-Wicking Button-Down

Hill City Hybrid Oxford Shirt, hillcity.gap.com

If all his collared shirts are riddled with yellow stains, he’ll appreciate a shirt that wicks sweat and regulates his temperature depending on the weather. It even has stretch for a super comfy fit.

11 A Cool Pair of Sunglasses

He’ll love wearing these all-black sunnies with a stylish metal brow bar to complete his ensembles. The best part? The glasses are unisex, so you can wear them too.

12 A Fancy Leather Watch


If his wrist is in need of some new bling, get him a brown leather watch with gold accents and a stylish face.

13 A Sleek Two-Tone Card Case

Give his wallet an upgrade with a slim black and red leather one. It’ll fit into his pocket much more easily than his old bulky case.

14 An Adult Sled

Sledding is not just for kids! Channel a bit of nostalgia and hit the slopes on this stainless steel, high-speed contraption.

15 A Cozy Slipper

Treat his feet to a pair of luxe slippers with a plush wool lining.

16 A Cozy Beanie

A warm hat is perfect for this time of year; plus, a simple navy hue is guaranteed to match almost all his outfits.

17 A Pair of Heavy-Duty Gloves

‘Tis almost the season of snow and icicles. Help him protect those hands against all weather conditions with a pair of quilted-leather gloves.

18 Comfortable But Stylish Headphones

His music-listening days will be forever changed with a pair of over-the-ear headphones—they’re great to wear while traveling and when working at his desk for crystal-clear sound quality.

19 An Extravagant Candle

Set the mood with a fancy candle. With notes of cardamom finished with a woody base, this one can even relieve nerves and anxiety. Extra points for the hand-blown glass vessel.

20 A Bold-Flavored Whiskey

This sherry cask whiskey has an intense flavor with notes of cherry and honey and is perfect if he likes a strong drink every now and then.

21 A Sleek Whiskey Set

And to go with that bottle, cheers him with a pair of ombre whiskey glasses. This mouth-blown glass set also includes a stylish decanter.

22 A Comfy Set of Slip-Ons

This soft shoe and sophisticated silhouette makes every experience cozy and cool.




10 Velentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend (For Her)

Credit to Thatsweetgift.com, visit page at https://thatsweetgift.com/gifts-ideas-for-girlfriends/.

Don’t get the gift that is just going to sit on her shelf or shoved in the back of her closet. Instead, look at this list of practical items and see what jumps out at you.

1. Polaroid camera

Sure, smartphones all have a camera built right in, but there is something special about an old-school Polaroid camera. These are perfect for special occasions out with friends and family, and your girlfriend will love being able to capture these moments. Best of all, she’ll have the pictures to actually display (instead of them just sitting on her camera roll on her phone).

2. Sunglasses

Every girl needs a nice pair of sunglasses. In fact, every girl needs a nice collection of sunglasses! Sometimes you want a more dramatic, large pair, sometimes you want a more relaxed pair of aviators. Sunglasses are the perfect gift to get your girlfriend, and best of all, you’re protecting her eyes from damage from the sun!

3. eReader

Imagine having the entire book world right at your fingertips. That is what an eReader is for! Perfect for the girlfriend who loves to read, this will give her easy access to millions of books, all without having to purchase storage space to hold tons and tons of traditional books. Best of all, eReaders are lightweight and convenient, she can easily slip it in her purse and read while shes on the go!

4. Blanket

There is nothing better than relaxing in bed or on the couch after a long day with a nice, soft blanket. This is the perfect gift for any girlfriend, and best of all, makes a nice accessory while it isn’t in use. Movie nights are about to get a lot cozier!

5. Artwork

Artwork is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, especially if she has just moved into a new place. Fill up an empty wall with a nice canvas print, or get smaller pieces of art she can display on her nightstand or other places. Not sure what her style is? Here’s a pro-tip: get framed pictures of you two together! This makes the gift much more personal and thoughtful and is something she will be sure to love.

6. Earrings

No matter what outfit your girlfriend is wearing, earrings are always an option. Certain silhouettes may make it difficult to wear a necklace or bracelet, but earrings are always the perfect accessory. Even a simple pair of studs are an excellent addition to any outfit, and you can never have too many. Only requirement? Make sure she has her ears pierced!

7. Pajamas

You might think pajamas sound like a lame gift, but that is not the case. Girls love having a nice, cute set of pajamas to change into at the end of the day. Shopping for a gift for her in summer? Get her a nice oversized sleep shirt or shorts and shirt set. Shopping in winter? A cozy set with leggings and a fleece sweater. This is the perfect gift- just trust us!

8. Personalized necklace

Personalized gifts are all the rage, so why not get your girlfriend a necklace with her name on it? This makes it more special than just any necklace and makes for the perfect gift.

9. Watch

Everyone needs to have a watch, so this is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend. Get her a stylish watch that is not only practical, but makes for the perfect accessory. Looking to splurge a little? Consider getting her a smartwatch that syncs with her phone and tracks her activity.

10. Overnight bag

Finally, an excellent gift idea for your girlfriend is an overnight bag. These bags are so convenient and perfect for all those short little weekend trips. If your girlfriend loves to travel and is always on the go, this is the perfect gift. This is great even if she isn’t traveling, but is going back and forth from work to the gym- this will keep her organized and has plenty of room to hold everything she’ll need!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband and Wife






The Best Valentine Gifts Ideas for Wives

Credit to Nymag.com, visit page at nymag.com/strategist/article/best-holiday-gift-ideas-boyfriends-husbands.html. Click here for content removal.




Finding the perfect valentine gift can be maddening — is this the color they’d want? Is it something they already have? Is it so last year? — but really, once you have a sense of a person’s taste, it’s not impossible. This season, we’ll be talking to members of various tribes to find out exactly what to get that serious home cook, teenage girl, or techie in your life. Think of it as a window into their brain trust — or at least a very helpful starting point.

As a category, “wives and girlfriends” is both comically generic and perennially inscrutable. “My wife is very hard to shop for — she doesn’t usually like me to pick out clothes, and she doesn’t really wear jewelry or accessories,” says Diana Glazer, co-head of ICM’s Theater Department, who’s been married for over a year. Meanwhile: “I’m also hard because I really like to not say what I want, because if people love me, they will read my mind, right?” Mind-reading isn’t possible, so this is the next best thing: four hard-to-shop-for women recommending a bunch of foolproof gifts for the usually hard-to-shop-for wife or girlfriend.


Papinelle Short Silk Pajamas

We’ll start with clothes, since that comprises the bulk of holiday shopping and wish lists. There are a few pieces of apparel that will work for all tastes and sizes, starting with silk loungewear. Liza Darwin, who heads up editorial content at AwesomenessTV, gave us the idea. “I’ve been eyeing this Lunya sleep set for months now, but I feel a little too indulgent dropping $178 on luxe silk PJs for myself,” says Darwin. “However, If I received them as a gift,” like from her fiancé, “I’d be thrilled and I’d most definitely wear them every night.” We also like this — slightly less expensive — minimal two-piece silk set in stone gray.

Eberjey Gisele Shorty Pajamas

Eberjey is another can’t-go-wrong brand for silk, and while we’ve included long-sleeved pajama sets from them in other roundups, we also like this “shorty” pajama set.

Rachel Antonoff Peggy Puffer Jacket

This plush velvet puffer is very high on Glazer’s current wish list. “This is one of those things I can’t bring myself to buy for myself, but would be thrilled to see by the menorah on one of eight mornings I imagine presents will be waiting for me,” she says. Velvet aside, it’s a highly practical gift for anyone living in the northern half of the country.

Everlane ReNew Short Puffer

For a more matte option, we’d also point shoppers towards Everlane’s new seasonal puffers. This one is also cropped, and because it’s from the brand’s new ReNew line, it’s made from 47 recycled water bottles.

Gucci Tiger & Kingsnake Print Silk Twill Scarf

Another wear-to-death option: a fancy shawl. “Scarves come and go, but these Virginia Johnson shawls truly last forever,” says Darwin, who’s had one for nearly a decade. (It even survived her college years.) Darwin partly loves the line for the prints, which are like painted works of art in their own right. The same goes for this tiger-and-snake-print Gucci shawl, which is an insane $495, but too beautiful to not suggest.

Echo Deloraine Square Scarf

A middle-of-the-road option for a printed shawl-scarf: this soft-looking blue floral one.



Nike H86 Slogan Baseball Hat

One way to buy clothing that a hard-to-shop-for will like is to simply make it quippy and funny. “My recent bad hair day solve has been to wear silly dad hats,” says Serena Dai, an editor at Eater. “I’ve been on the lookout for new ones to add to the collection since they’re such delightful, easy ways to lighten the mood of the day.” She likes her co-worker’s “I’m an Olsen Twin’” at, as well as this “Too ugly for Glossier” hat from Witschy. “But you probably have to have a very particular (and secure) relationship with your girlfriend or wife to gift it,” Dai points out. If that’s not the right sentiment, try this swoosh-less Nike cap.

Strong Female Lead Tee

Glazer used a similar strategy for a recent gift for her wife, with this beach towel that’s printed with powerful LGBT slogans and sayings from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. “I’m trying to embrace the political at every opportunity,” she says. That sentiment could also go on a T-shirt: “I just love everything about this shirt,” Glazer says. “There is nothing I don’t love about it, and I don’t give gifts to people who wouldn’t like this shirt.”

Kitchenaid Immersion Blender

Laia Garcia, editor of the Wing’s magazine No Man’s Land, says this immersion blender is at the top of her wish list this year. “Jack, my fiancé, is the one that usually cooks in our house, but there are a few things that are in my wheelhouse, like tomato sauce. I like to make it from scratch and have been perfecting my recipe for a few years now. Right now I put it in a little food processor I have, but I know the immersion blender is the best way to do it and I know it’s the thing that’s going to take me next level in my sauce-making.”

Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

For a gift that’s also an investment in Sunday mornings at home: “I’m dying for one of those thick waffle makers. You’d open that and immediately want nice, thick waffles,” says Helena Barquet, who makes up one half of the couple behind Coming Soon. This one by Cuisinart can cook two waffles at once.


Potluck Utensil Set

The duo also recommends Great Jones, a cookware start-up that offers affordable pots and pans in a variety of fun colors for any burgeoning Ina Gartens in your life. There’s actually a swath of new cookware start-ups to choose from. Strategist writer Maxine Builder loves Potluck for being one of “those rare brands that’ll both satisfy professionals” and amateurs alike.

All About Cake by Christina Tosi

“I have a major sweet tooth, and it definitely shows in our cookbook collection,” Darwin says. “My fiancé and I have been slowly working our way through Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar book, so when I saw that she was publishing another one entirely devoted to cakes, I knew I’d want it, too. Whipping up one of these creations seems like the perfect cure for the impending winter blues and/or boredom,” Darwin says.


A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair by Jeremiah Stone

If your partner prefers savory over sweet, there’s also this new cookbook from the celebrated chefs behind New York restaurants Contra and Wildair, co-authored by Alison Roman, the cook and writer behind Instagram’s favorite cookie.

Halva Party Cake

Tahini fiends will get a kick out of this massive masterpiece, constructed of over six pounds of gourmet halva and available in numerous interesting flavor combinations. “I would love to receive this; I’m not sure who else [would]. Well, my mom,” Glazer says. “But still, it’s delicious, and an acceptable amount of excess.”

Island Creek Oysters

If your partner is the one who’s hosting the festivities this year, finding a way to chip in is a gift all by itself. As Marguerite Mariscal, the VP of brand and design at Momofuku says, “Oysters make every occasion more festive. Island Creek Oysters are tops and ship to your door ready to shuck in quantities of 50 or more.”



Sin Porcelain Oyster Plate

We recommend throwing in this handmade, fossil-evoking porcelain oyster platter to round out the gift.

Hedley & Bennett American Made Apron: Georgia

Trout adores these Hedley & Bennett aprons for cooking — they are essentially a status apron for professional chefs, partly because they look good, and partly because they’re ultra durable: “Each apron goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it stands the test of time, and that those food stains won’t stick,” Trout says. Plus, there are clever design details that make a difference, like an iPhone pocket.

Cold Picnic Hand Tufted Wool Rug

“One thing that I definitely, definitely need is a rug, which I have been putting off because I have a cat and you know how cats just love to barf everywhere,” Garcia says. Cold Picnic’s geometric, organic-looking patterns are still very popular, and they please all crowds: the colors aren’t too loud, but owning one is kind of a thing.

Cold Picnic Taro Bathmat

Barquet and her partner Fabiana Faria both noted that one way to own a Cold Picnic, but at a much lower price, is to get the bathmat.

Byredo Suede Hand Wash

“Nothing tastes as good as Byredo Suede smells,” Mariscal says.


Byredo Suede Hand Lotion

Buying the matching hand lotion, too, would be a nice touch.


White Tea Soy Candle Tumbler

“There was a time when candles were kind of a phoning-it-in gift, but I think a good candle is a nice add-on gift,” Dai says. “They feel like a luxury and a treat, and they’re not really a thing people buy for themselves with frequency. I’ve been digging the not-too-sweet smell of the white tea scent from Ilha, a Long Island City-based company whose name is a reference to the owner’s Taiwanese heritage: I like that it’s got that identity bent, but mostly it’s a nice candle because it can burn for hours without overwhelming the nose, nice for sensitive-to-smells folk like me.”

Paddywax Salted Grapefruit Urban Candle

Dai also would want this one, mostly for the aesthetics. “For a more ubiquitous option, the concrete Paddywax ones have a nice look for keeping on top of a nightstand,” she says.


Hay Sonos One

Mariscal also pointed out that the Hay Sonos One collection just went live. For those unfamiliar, the Danish design firm (and perennial Strategist favorite) Hay has teamed up with Sonos to create speakers in five different colors that are a bit snazzier than the usual chrome-and-black tech hardware.

Cement Tulip Pot

One way to encourage a hobby or a new pursuit is to get someone the necessary adjacent accessories, like nice planters for a partner attempting to develop a green thumb. “I’m particularly bad at getting new pots for my plants in a timely fashion and I usually end up getting dumb cheap ones instead of taking time to find cool stuff,” Dai says. She recommends this affordable, textured option, which is “interesting, but still simple enough to go with the mishmash of any other décor in an apartment.”

Female Form Planter

“These small female-form ones are both minimalist and provocative; they look like the perfect reason to start a succulent collection on a windowsill,” Dai says.

Friend Assembly Medium Face Planter

Caitlin Mociun, the founder and designer of Mociun, says that she often gifts ceramics to her friends and family. She particularly likes these planters by Friends, which “all have little faces on them. And they all have different expressions.” Put flowers or a plant in this to round out the gift.


Wall art is a solid choice if you feel pretty confident about someone’s taste. “We’re in the middle of moving apartments and in need of some colorful art for our new place,” Darwin says. We couldn’t possibly suggest actual prints to buy — it’s too personal — but if you’ve landed [on] the right one, the best way to give it as a gift is to frame it. Framebridge is a sleek service that lets you upload a photo of the print through their app and view it in a few options before ordering a custom and direct-to-consumer frame

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