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Abuja Postal Codes / Zip Codes for All Streets [Updated 2020]

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Abuja Postal Codes / Zip Codes for All Streets [Updated 2020] by : 3:15 pm On May 21, 2020

These days, postal codes have become so important that you should know the postal code for any place you are. The postal code helps in the delivery of products and services to the right address. A single mistake in your postal code can delay your order or prevent the product or service from reaching you. If you live in the F.C.T Abuja, you will find the postal code for any street in this article.

FCT Abuja
FCT Abuja

The postal code is also called Zip code or postcode. In Nigeria, the postal code is made up of six digits, where the first digit represents the region, the second and third digits, together with the first digit make up the dispatch district for outgoing sorting.

The last three digits describe the delivery location. In every state, there is a postal head office. The postal head office usually ends with 0001. After the postal head office, other smaller post offices exist. The postal code for Abuja Postal Head Office at Garki is 900001.

Note: if you search for Abuja postal code or zip code or postcode on Google, you will be shown the postal code for the Abuja Postal head office. However, if you don’t live close to the postal head office, you should not use the code, instead, use the code for the one nearest to you.

While submitting your postal address, it is important to use the postcode for the Post Office nearest to you. For example; if you live in Suleja Street Garki Abuja, your postal code should be 900241. This is because the post office that is nearest to Suleja Street is 900241. When buying something online, always remember to be sure of the postal code you used because wrong postal code means wrong address.

1.) Central Business District, Abuja Postal Code – 900211.

The postal code or zip code for Central Business District, Abuja is 900211. Below are the streets bearing this postal code;

2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, Abuja Drive, Ahmadu Bello Way, Constitution, Avenue Rd, Hospital Avenue, Independence Avenue, Inner Express Way (N), Mohammed Buhari Way, North Transit Way, Northern Express Way, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Shehu Shagari Way, South Transit Way, Tafawa Balewa Way.


2.) Three Arms Zone, Abuja Postal Code – 900211.

The postal code for Three Arms, Abuja is 900211. Below are street bearing this postal code:

Alvan Ikoku Way, Asokoro Avenue, Inner Northern Express Way, Maitama Avenue, Mississippi Str., Murtala Mohammed Express Way (N), Outhern Nothern Express Way, Shehu Shagari Way (S), Thames Street, Tigris Crescent, Yedsebam Street, Zambezi Crescent.

3.) Asokoro, Abuja Postal Code – 900231.

The postal code for Asokoro Abjua is 900231. Below are the streets bearing this postal code;

Ajayi Crowder Street, Akenzua Street, Ali Akihi Crescent, Anwar Sadat Street, Dennis, Osadebe Street, El-Emi Street, Gandhi Street, Ibrahim Taiwo Street, Jesse Jackson Street, Jimmy Cater Street, King Faisal Street, Kofo Abayomi Street, Lord Lugard Street, Maitama Sule Street, Malcom Farser Street, Margret Thatcher Street, Martin Luther Crescent, Modibo Adana Crescent, Oliver Tambo Street, Queen Amina Street, Queen Elizabeth Street, Queen Ida Street, RAB Dikko Road, Rwang Pam Street, Shehu Shagari Way, Suleiman Barau Crescent, Tito Bros Street, Ukpabi Asika Street, Usman Danfodio Crescent, Winston Churchill Street, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Abdou Diouf Crescent, Akan Ibiam Street, Amaddu Ahidjo Street, Biogny Street, Desmond Tutu Street, Eyedema Street, Halle Sallasie Street, Inner Southern Express Way, Jomo Kenyatta Street, Joshua Nkonwo Street, Julius Nyerere Crescent, Kenneth Kaunda Street, Kwame Nkurma Crescent, Loius Edet Street, Mathew Kerekou Street, Murtala Mohammed Way, Musa Traore Crescent, Nelson Mandala Street, Patrice Lumimuba Street, Robert Mugabe Street, Sebghor Street, Siaka Stevens Street, Thomas Sankara Street.

4.) Garki, Abuja Postal Code.

Garki Abuja has 8 sub-rejoins, each with its own postal code. Below are the postal codes for each of the regions.


a.) Area 1 Postal Code – 900241.

Aladja Street, Auchi Street, Benue Crescent, Faskari Street, Ijero Street, Imo Crescent, Kano Street, Kaura Namoda Street, Lapai Street, Mashood-Abiola Way, Nassarawa Street, Nnamdi Azikwe Ewy, Ondo Street, Oyo Street, Sokoto Street, Suleja Street.

b.) Area 2 Postal Code – 900242.

Abakaliki Street, Abuja Parkways.

c.) Arear 3 Postal Code – 900243.

Benin Street, Birnin Kebbi Street, Cross River Street, Funmilayo Ransomekuti Road, Gongola Street, Ibadan Street, Ikare Street, Jalingo Street, Jos Street, Katagun Street, Kaura-Namoda Street, Kazaure Street, Moshood Abiola Way, Mubi Street, Nnewi Street, Okigwe Street, Orlu Street, Oyo Street, Tafawa Balewa Way, Yenagoa Street.

d.) Arear 7 Postal Code – 900244.

Calabar Street, Herbat-Macualay Way (S), Kam-Salem Street, Muhammadu-Bahari Way, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Tafawa Balewa Way, Yola Street.

e.) Area 8 Postal Code – 900245.

Abeokuta Street, Ile-Ife Street, Ilorin Street, Minna Street, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Ogbomosho Street, Tafawa Balewa Way.

f.) Area 10 Postal Code – 900246.

Access Road, Akure Street, Borno Street, Herbert Macaulay Way, Idah Street, Markurdi Street, Mashood Abiola Way, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Olusegun Obasanjo Way.

g.) Area 11 Postal Code – 900247.

Ahmadu Bello Way, Birnin Kebbi Street, Dutse Street, Ekiti Street, Lagos Crescent, Moshood Abiola Way, Nsukka Street, Obafemi Awolowo Street, Oka Akoko Street, Oke Agbe Street, Olusegun Abasanjo Way, Port Harcourt Street, S.L. Akintola BLV, Sapele Street, Shagamu Street, Tafawa Balewa Way, Uyo Crescent, Warri Street.

h.) Garki Rural Postal Code – 900104.

Abacha Barracks, Apo, Damagaza, Dantata, Durumi I, Durumi II, Durumi III, Dutse, Garki Village, Gudu, Guzape, Kobi, Kurumduma, NEPA Village, Wumba.


5.) Maitama, Abuja Postal Code – 900271.

The postal code for Maitama, Abuja is 900271. Below are the streets bearing this postal code;

Akore Crescent, Amsterdam Street, Asa Street, Barawa Street, Amsterdem Street, Challawa Crescent, Cuito Street, Komoe Crescent, Lake Chard Crescent, Limropo Street, Madeira Street, Ngadda Crescent, Nue Street, Ofiki Street, Ona Crescent, Onega Street, Ontario Crescent, Onwul Crescent, Orange Crescent, Osse Street, Punji Crescent, Rio Gardia Street, Rudolf Street, Sambreiro Crescent
Tana Street, Taraba Crescent, Usuma Street, Volta Crescent, Wuye Crescent, Yapa Street, Zaire Crescent, Zambezi Crescent, Zamfara Crescent, Aguyi Ironsi Street, Alvan Ikoko Way, Amazon Street, Batanji Crescent, Danube Street, Dep. Street, Erie Crescent, Euphrates Street, Gana Street, Ganges Street, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Inner Northern Express Way, Katsina Ala Crescent, Kunene Crescent, Lena Crescent, Mississippi Street, Murtala Mohd Way (N), Nile Street, Nnamdi Azikwe Way, North Transit Way, Orinaco Crescent, Osun Street, Panama Street, Rhine Street, Rima Street, Ruwana Street, Sangha Street, Shasha Crescent, Shehu Shagari Way (N), Shehu Yaradua Way, Tanganyika Street, Tennesse Crescent, Tubo Crescent, Uruguay Street, Vaal Street, Vananern Crescent, Vattern Street, Volga Street.


6.) Wuse, Abuja Postal Code.

Wuse Abuja has 8 sub-regions, each of the region has its own post office. Below are the postal codes for all the post offices:

a.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 1 Postal Code – 900281.

Arugha Crescent, Bulawayo Street, Choma Street, Delta Street, Garowa Street, Gondet Street, Harper Crescent, Humanbo Crescent, Kaolack Street, Kayes Street, Kigali Street, Massana Street, Nouachchott Street, Oran Street, Sultan Abubakar Way, Sunyani Street, Umme Street, Yanorach Street.

b.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 2 Postal Code – 900282.

Angola Street, Bechar Street, Burundi Street, Faranmi Street, Gabes Street, Gaborone Street, Kisiamu Street, Khartoum Street, Koforidua Street, Korhogo Street, Kribi Street, Kumba Street, Lavumisa Street, Mambolo Street, Michael Okpara Street, Naimey Street, Quagadougou Street, Senanga Street, Sultan Abubakar Street, Tourggourt Street.

c.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 3 Postal Code – 900283.

Abidjam Street, Al Fayyan Street, Algeria Street, Aswan Street, Bamenda Street, Casamank Crescent, Conakry Street, Diourbell Street, Herbert Marcaulay Way, Lubumbrasiru Street, Lukulu Street, Maputo Street, Matadi Crescent, Matadi Street, Mosadishu Street, Nampola Street, Ndande Crescent, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Sfar Street, Sultan Abukakar Way, Yele Street. Yeah, we are still on Abuja postal code.

d.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 4 Postal Code – 900284.

Addis Ababa Street, Bencrat Street, Constantins Street, Farnah Street, Herbert Macaulay Way (N), Hontserrado Street, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Kainiji Crescent, Kasim Ibrahim Way, Ladi Kwali Street, Manzani Street, Mexnes Street, Mogadehu Street, Portsad Street, Safi Street, Zuez Crescent.

e.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 5 Postal Code – 900285.

Accra Street, Algiers Street, Atarare Street, Burundi Street, Cabanda Street, Dalaba Street, Damathur Street, Dambia Street, Doula Street, Hargeysa Street, Herbert Macualay Way, Khartoum Street, Michael Okpara Street, Mousassa Street, Nnamdi Azikiwe Ewy, Senanga Street, Sokode Crescent, Sultan Abubakar Way, Winneba Street.

f.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 6 Postal Code – 900286.

Abuja Parkways, Angola Street, Asamafa Street, Berbera Street, Beyla Street, Bouake Street, Coronour Street, Dire-Dawa Street, Dodama Street, Dodama Street, Harare Street, Harere Street, Herbert Macualay Way, Jimma Street, Jimma Street, Kasim Ibrahim Way, Kelemie Street, Kinshasha Street, Magenta Street, Magenta Street, Makeni Street, Massru Street, Massru Street, Mbabane Street, Mbabane Street, Nnamdi Azikiwa Ewy, Rabat Street, Sudan Street, Tanga Street, Tema Street, Timbukku Street, Yaounde Street, Yaounde Street, Yunis Street.

g.) Wuse, Abuja Zone 7 Postal Code – 900287.

Bamako Crescent, Bambari Crescent, Choma Street, Huambo Crescent, Hamper Crescent, Lome Crescent, Nigoma Street, Nouahcholt Street, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Sirasso Crescent, Sunyani Street.

h.) Wuse, Abuja Wuse II Postal Code – 900288.

Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Agadez Crescent, Ahmadu Bello Way, Alex Sandra Crescent, Aminu Kano Crescent, Baguy Street, Bajul Street, Bantyle Street, Barosalem Street, Beira Street, Buchanan Crescent, Bujmburra Street, Cassabulanka Street, Durban Street, Fez Street, Freetown Street, Herbert Macualay Way, Hombari Street, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Kampala Street, Kumasi Street, Libravile Crescent, Lingu Crescent, Lubito Crescent, Madnana Crescent, Marakeshi Street, Metel Street, Moronvia Street, Moshi Crescent, Nairobi Crescent, Nothern Parkway, Ojibuti Crescent, Outher Northern Transit Way, Partomuro Crescent, Sanni Abacha Way, Sekondi Street, Sir Kasim Ibrahim Way, Sultan Abubakar Street, Trkwa rescent, Wanda Crescent. Still on Abuja postal code list.

7.) Gwarinpa, Abuja Postal Code – 900108.

The postal code for Gwarinpa, Abuja is 900108. Below are streets that share this postal codes;

Gwarinpa Life Camp, Gwarinpa Village, Gwarinpa Fed. Housing, Kado Federal Housing, Kado Village, Katampe, Kuchigoro, Mabushi, Utako.


8.) Nyanya, Abuja Postal Code – 900103.

The postal code for Nyanya, Abuja is 900103. Below are the streets sharing this postal code:

Angawa Bawa, Gbagarape, Kugbo, Nyanya Site-Area A-F, Nyanya Village/Gwandara, Nyanya Village/Gwari.


9.) Karu, Abuja Postal Code – 900110.

The postal code for Karu Abuja is 900110. These four streets share the postal code: Jikoyi, Karu Site (FHA), Karu Village.

That is all. If you don’t see the postal code for your area, kindly use the Comment Form below to let us know about it.

Thanks for reading, please share!

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