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Danger! It is Dangerous to Have S*x More Than Three Times a Week – Expert

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Danger! It is Dangerous to Have S*x More Than Three Times a Week – Expert by : 10:32 pm On March 2, 2017

A leading researcher has warned couples that having s*x more than this specified number of times can be very dangerous

S*x is a very sweet thing for many people. But, how much of s*x is too much? S*x has been known to burn c******s but how many and depending on what factors, so it is very good for the body.

Sexologists warn that it is important to remember that though having s*x between one and three times in a week is considered normal, anything more than that can have bad effects on s****l health, while the sensitivity of the p***s may also decrease.

According to New Health Advisor, you risk the following health issues if you indulge in too much s*x!

• S*x is a strenuous exercise, and one round of s*x has been equated to 30 minutes of jogging. Therefore, having s*x repeatedly without adequate hydration could lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

• The National Health Service advises that drinking plenty water after s*x is a good way to avoid dehydration.

• Too much s*x can lead to heart attack if you have heart issues.

• Too much s*x can lead to lower back pain due to the heavy and consistent thrusting.

• Too much s*x can also lead to prolonged e*********n due to the depletion of the semen levels.

• S*x is always most pleasurable when the session has just begun (first round), but there could be feelings of pains in the genitals when the s****l activity is sustained because the persistent rubbing during the subsequent ‘rounds’ could make the exercise painful for both man and woman.

• Men are more likely to have slight pain on the p***s, and in extreme cases, fracture of the p***s due to sustained thrusting in the absence of sufficient e******n.

• Women tend to feel a bit sore in the v****a due to the brushing of the v*****l walls by the p***s during penetration.

• Apart from suffering inevitable pains in the genitals, both of you can also sustain strained muscles and injured nerves due to direct overstimulation of the same spot in the genital area.

• During s*x, the body releases norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol which increase the heart rate and trigger the release of glucose in the blood. All these activities are tiring, especially when done frequently. Indulging in s*x several times a day will drain all your energy and leave you feeling exhausted most of the time.

Badrinath, a Human Movement specialist states that s*x is aerobic in some parts and anaerobic in others. “S*x unfortunately as practiced today, as an act of pent up stress, an act of lust etc will burn c******s. But that by itself is not sufficient to replace jogging”. Badrinath focuses on the fact that jogging, running and other forms of aerobic activity actually help people to have better s*x that last longer, helps them recover faster after climax and have more energy and endurance to last. When his trainer asked him to turn up the heat, Gokul Govardhan, a fitness was under the notion that he would have to increase his workout sessions and get into a more rigorous routing. Little did he know that his trainer was actually asking him to have s*x thrice a week. “I didn’t think it was not possible. I believe in what my trainer tells me to do.

S*x removes the fat content that sticks on to the body and wipes out all the toxins”. Gokul has been working out under the same trainer for the last 2 years and he believes if this is a solution for burning c******s, then be it! Shreya, another regular visitor of the gym says that s*x is an amazing way to lose weight and it also defies the statement “no pain, no gain”. “I don’t see anything wrong in having s*x thrice a week, if not everyday.

It’s a great cardio and ab workout.” Hollywood celebs have sworn their toned bodies on amazing s*x and that is proof enough to say that trainers are right about this. “The trainer is my guru and according to me, the teacher is always right!” says Shreya.

The c******s burnt of course depends on a lot of factors like age, duration of s*x, foreplay, and the intensity with which the act is done.

1. C******s burnt (depends on factors like age and gender)

2. On average 170 c******s or more are burnt in the age group of 18 to 25.

3. On average 135 c******s or more are burnt in the age group of 25 to 40

4. If a man’s not doing much work, then he burns about 120 c******s, in the age group of 40 plus Indian male.

Women burn more c******s only if they’re doing the work during s*x. On an average, men and women burn about the same because the work they do is similar.

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