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How To Fix A Phone Dropped In Water

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How To Fix A Phone Dropped In Water by : 11:55 pm On July 9, 2018

A wet phone is a common problem amongst mobile phone users,
dropping Your phone in the sink,toilet,soup or washing machine
accidentally is something that is sure to make You crest-fallen.
After dropping Your phone in water the first question that comes to Your
mind is “how can I fix it?” “Can My phone ever be normal again?” but
surely You can fix it and Your phone can still be as good as new if
You can follow these simple steps and apply them correctly. So what
are You still waiting for? C’mon let’s get started so You can get that
wet phone working again in no time at all.

#1. 100% Swift Is Your Best Friend

Pick that phone as fast as You can from water,this is the best way to
reduce damage inflicted by water. Leaving Your phone in water for just
another minute can determine if Your phone can be saved or if its good
bye to Your phone because the longer You leave it in water the more
water will seep into the phone through small openings and spaces. So
take that phone out of water as fast as You can.

#2 Don’t Panic

Panic is a usual thing when Your phone gets wet but try not to panic
and trust Me when I say You shouldn’t panic because panic in this case
is Your worst enemy so try to keep Your cool or else You may just be
at the brink of losing Your Phone.
In as much as You’re tempted to
check if Your phone is still working,try as much as You can to resist the temptation and don’t press anything,don’t turn it on,don’t press
any key, its best you don’t use the phone at all.

#3 Take Out All Hindrances

After picking Your phone out of water and keeping Your temper under
control then its time to take out the removable parts and first of all
You have to take out the battery to stop it from short circuiting,but
if You can’t take out Your battery(if Your battery is not detachable).
The next part You have to remove is the protective case of Your
phone(if Your phone has one) completely,removing the case speeds up the drying process.

Note; when taking out the protective case and battery,be as steady as
You can in order not to shake the phone too much because too much
movements can make the water run into other parts You don’t want the
water to get to.

#4 Remove Detachables

Take out Your Sim cards and Memory card(if Your phone has any) and set
them aside to dry and also take out Your phone’s back cover to help
them dry properly.

#5 Wipe Properly

Wipe all visible parts with a clean dry towel to remove as much
moisture as You can remove with the dry cloth but ensure You do this
with minimum movements.

Note; DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT Blow The phone through Your lips and do
not apply any external heat to the device.

#6 Don’t Try To Open Your Phone

No matter how bad the condition is,do not take Your phone apart by unscrewing it and opening it completely to dry because this can void Your warranty,but if this is the last resort and You’re ready to void
Your warranty then You can take the gamble and open up Your phone.

#7 Drying Your Phone Properly

You can dry Your phone easily by not blowing it but by sucking out the
water through these simple things;

I. Rice

Yes! Rice,as simple as it sounds it can do some great things apart
from having a nice taste,it is key in drying Your phone due to its
absorbent properties.Rice is simple to use in drying Your phone,all
You have to do is bury Your phone in an air tight container filled
with uncooked rice.
Duration; leave it in the air tight container filled with rice for 24 – 48 hours

II. Phone Drying Pouch

You don’t have a phone drying pouch? Go get one to save Your phone or
just get one for future emergencies if rice has saved Your phone.

III. Silica Gel Packs

You don’t know what a silica gel pack is? That’s fine because You know
it,I Am sure You’ve seen one or two in a shoe box. The goodnews is
that this simple gel pack is a very good drying agent. Its as simple
as sealing Your phone in an air tight container or bag with one or two
Silica Gel packs and wait for them to help You dry Your phone,but stay
off old packets that have been used.
Duration; 24 – 48 hours

IV. Vacuum

Suck suck and suck out the water with a vacuum and leave the phone to
dry alone for 1 or 2 days.

#8 Re-Check

Check Your sim and memory cards and dry them as well so that they
won’t go bad,after that put them in a different phone to see if they
respond well and if they do then You’ve been saved halfway by this
post so smile,be happy and let’s go full scale.

#9 Inspect Your Phone Thoroughly

Check the phone thoroughly for traces of moisture,if there are traces
of moisture remaining after the 2 days drying period then clean with a
dry cloth and dry again. If there are no traces of moisture then You
can insert Your battery,sim card and Memory card

#10 Put It On

You can put Your phone on now and check if the screen still
responds,listen to the speakers if they are still working perfectly,if
Your phone doesn’t power on then don’t be sad because all You have to
do is plug it to Your charger and see if You can get a response from
Your charger and if You don’t get any response then You should check
the battery with another phone to know if the battery is the problem
or if the phone is the major issue.

The steps above are sure to get Your wet phone working perfectly fine
again,so enjoy Your phone and help a friend suffering from wet phone
problems with the above tips.

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