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JAMB 2019 Expected Questions and Answers on the Use of English

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JAMB 2019 Expected Questions and Answers on the Use of English by : 7:47 pm On February 1, 2019

Hello, would you like to know the possible questions JAMB will set on the 2019 Use of English exams? If yes, read below for the questions and answers. Like I always tell candidates, the majority of JAMB CBT questions are simply lifted from past questions. As a result, if you are conversant with JAMB Past Questions and Answers, you will not find it difficult answering JAMB Use of English Exam questions.

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Note that sometimes, JAMB even lifts the past comprehension questions so don’t neglect any comprehension you come across in the JAMB Use of English past questions and Answers or the one you will see in this article.


Possible JAMB 2019 Use of English Exam Questions and Answers

Part 1


Passage 1

Political change and social transformation in the form of revolutions have radically altered the course of human civilization and history. Today, the world is witnessing political and social changes arising from the desire of people all over the globe for greater freedom and a voice in the way they are governed and a better standard of living. Part of these struggles and processes have become more pronounced in the Third World since the end of the East-West Cold War in the late 1980s, and in the face of the challenges being posed by the ongoing process of globalization.

While political and social changes may appear to be distinct phenomena, they are analytically inseparable. Political and social changes are often a collective response to the need to change, or as a tacit recognition of a shift in the prevalent power relations in the society. Therefore, the coming to power of a new set of rulers, or the establishment of new structures and processes of governance broadly typifies socio-political changes.

It is important to note that change can either be positive or negative. In most cases, political and social changes are caused by certain factors or reasons. These push people to collectively organize themselves to struggle for a change in the existing power relations. Another reason is to capture political power, in the hope or making life better for the generality of the people. If politics is defined as who gets what, when and how; it then implies that political change refers to an alteration in the form of power and the identity of the group or class which controls and wields state power.


  1. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Change is inimitable B. Change is inestimable. C. Change is invaluable. D. Change is inevitable
  2. It can be deduced from the passage that political and social changes are A. intertwined B. Antithetical C. independent. D. repulsive
  3. A suitable title for this passage is A. Reasons for Political Change. B. The struggle for Political Power. C. Elements of Politics D. Social Change and Political Empowerment
  4. The word alteration, as used in the passage, means A. multiplication B. recognition. C. modification D. complication.

Answers: 1. D. 2. A. 3. A. 4. A

Part 2.

The medical definition of miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before twenty-four weeks. Miscarriage is very common, occurring in ten to twenty per cent, of confirmed pregnancies. Most of these features …1… [A. in the penultimate. B. in the first C. around D. for] twelve weeks of pregnancy.

The most common …2… [A. type. B. cause C. period D. symptom] is vag*nal bleeding, which can range from light spotting to heavier than a period. You may see blood clots, brown discharge or other tissues that are not …3… [A. clearly B. naturally C. directly D. medically] identifiable. Sometimes a sac-like structure is seen. Often, there is cramping with pelvic or back pain. You may find that the usual symptoms of pregna*cy, such as b****t tenderness, feeling sick and having to pass urine more …4… [A. painfully B. frequently C. gradually D. commonly] than usual stop unexpectedly. Sometimes there are no signs or symptoms of miscarriage and pregna*cy symptoms continue, and the miscarr*age is only …5… [A. prevented B. managed C. discovered D. stopped] in a routine scan. About half of all early miscarr*ages happen because of a problem in the way genetic material from the egg and s***m have combined during …6… [A. pregna*cy B. incubation C. mating D. fertilizat*on]. It can be difficult to find out why this has …7… [A. occurred B. enlarged C. continued D. emerged], but is more likely to be due to random chance than to any underlying problem with either parent. Imbalances in pregna*cy hormones, problems in the immune …8… [A. syndrome B. process C. response D. system], and some serious infections are also thought to make miscarriages more likely. The risk of miscarriage …9… [A. increases B. starts C. reduces D. appears] with age because the quality of eggs deteriorates. If a woman drinks too much alcohol or smokes heavily, the risk of miscarr*age is higher. It is also increased with …10… [A. complicated B. advanced C. multiple D. confirmed] pregnancies.


  1. 2. D. 3. A. 4.B. 5.C. 6. D 7. A. 8. D. 9. A 10. C

Part 3

In each of questions 26 to 35, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence. Each question carries 2 marks

  1. Hardworking students must not have a finger in every pie at school. A. Hardworking students must have a role to play in most activities in the school. B. Only hardworking students must participate in all activities in the school. C. Hardworking students do not participate in all activities in the school. D. Hardworking students must ask others to participate in school activities.


  1. The vice chancellor is riding the crest of the last quarter of his administration. A. The vice chancellor does not enjoy the acknowledgement of the success of his administration. B. The vice chancellor does not enjoy the people’s criticism of his administration. C. The vice chancellor hopes to overcome soon, the poor comments on his administration. D. The vice chancellor does not talk about his success in Office
  2. She was absolved by the court from the charge.
  3. She was absolved by the court from the charge
  4. She was blamed and charged to court.
  5. The case was resolved by the court.
  6. She was declared free from the charge


  1. The company ought to have issued warrants for one billion shares. A, The company has issued one billion shares. B. The management expected the company to issue more than one billion shares. C. Members of the company bought less than one billion shares. D. The company did not issue one billion shares.


  1. He needed not to have played in the position of quarterback in volleyball. A. He participated in the game in his unusual position. B. Nobody expected him to have participated in the game. C. He wanted to play in a position other than the one he was offered. D. Someone did not want him to play in the position that he played


1.A 2.D 3. C 4. D

More questions and answers on the JAMB Use of English will be posted here. So bookmark this page and always visit it.


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