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Neco 2019 Commerce Theory and Obj Questions & Answers – Free Expo/ Runz

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Neco 2019 Commerce Theory and Obj Questions & Answers – Free Expo/ Runz by : 3:00 am On June 25, 2019

Neco 2019 Commerce Theory & Obj Questions and Answers

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Past Neco Commerce Answers


credit sales-is a Purchases made by a consumerthat do not require a paymentmade in full at the time of purchase.
hire purchase- is a systemby which a buyerpays for a thing in regular installments while enjoying the use of it.
-Loan refers to long term debt given by the bank to the borrower
-overdraft refers to short term facility given by the bank to the account holder to withdraw money from his or her account up to certain limit fixed by the bank.
mortgage- is legal agreementthat conveys the conditional rightof ownershipon an assetor propertyby its owner (the mortgagor) to a lender(the mortgagee) as securityfor a loan.
Rental-is an item that is leased out for a specific amountof time and is governed by either a verbal or written agreement.

Usury law are regulations governing the amount of interest that can be charged on a loan.
Identify a Public Concern- correctly identify an issue that concerns the public. For example, credit card fraud affects both businesses and credit card holders. The objective is reducing the extent of credit card fraud by teaching consumers how to protect themselves.
Identify an Audience- they can reach the audience through mail from the credit card company, credit card websites or at points of sale in stores.
Knowledge Transfer- their aim is to present knowledge to the general public or to the specific group affected by the issue.
Teach the Consumer Role- teaching the public about consumers’ and businesses’ roles in society. Consumers can then appreciate their roles in supply and demand.
Skills Training- to implement consumer knowledge. For example, after learning about a particular issue, the public should be able to write an effective letter of complaint, referencing the appropriate consumer laws and authorities.
Standards library- The Organisation shall assemble, maintain and extend a collection of books and publications and such other matter as it considers appropriate for a standards library of the highest standing.
Power to charge for services- For all comparisons, tests or investigations performed by the Organisation under this Act, except those performed for the Government of the Federation or a State, or such other public bodies or institutions as may be approved by the Council.
Qualification and experience of Director-General- Any person who may be appointed as the Director-General shall have such qualifications and experience as are appropriate for a person required to perform the functions conferred on the Director-General by or under this Act.

i)opportunity cost
ii)public transportation
iii)Environmentally Responsible
iv)traffic congestion
v)transit and commuter service
opportunity cost- In the case of cars, we
often sacrifice time, money for auto-
related expenses, and safety in order to
have the convenience and privacy to customers driving to and from work.
public transportation- It helps the customers transport service which is available for use by the general public, as distinct from modes such as taxicab, carpooling, hired buses, and transportation network companies.
Environmentally Responsible- to have a positive influence on the environment by inviting customers to utilize shared or public transportation or walk or bike to work– and for this reason ease traffic jam and decrease vehicle-based emissions.
traffic congestion- to reducing the use of customer single-occupancy vehicles in the City, while increasing the use of transit and alternative modes of transportation.”
transit and commuter service- they offer the Customers idea on how they can create neighborhoods that rely less on single-occupancy vehicle use and more on transit, biking and walking. In the Seattle area, another transit incentive program is taking place.

ii)Free Trial
iii)Free Gifts
v)Special Pricing
Sampling- Providing free samples is a technique

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