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Verified Neco 2018 Government Theory & Obj Questions and Answers – Free Expo/ Runz

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Verified Neco 2018 Government Theory & Obj Questions and Answers – Free Expo/ Runz by : 12:00 am On November 13, 2017

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Government OBJ:
ANSWER NO.1, 4, 5, 6 And 8.
1)It is written down and usually signed by those who oversaw the document
being drafted and undertake to follow same.
2)Rights are clearly mentioned so that people who are governed by rules
contained in same, know their entitlement.
3)Minimum expectations from leaders as well as people are listed so that
they may, with passing time, be updated.
4)Promises are made to be fulfilled in future which past have rendered
necessary yet difficult, even impossible.
5)Certain areas maintaining status quo are marked out so that like above
mentioned promises, they may be worked upon.
6)Method of determining issues related to nationality, socio economic
equity and welfare are set out. These are inflexible, usually.
1)The Role of Equity Legislation
Sometimes, the law do seems to be inconsistent with some of the laws. In
other words, laws could be ambitious, that is to say that the laws are
silent, and in such cases, it is incumbent on the Judge to bring in his
2)Judiciary Protects People’s Rights
The judiciary is vested with the power of safeguarding the rights of the
Nigerian citizenry. That is its supreme responsibility as the third organ of
government. In the case, where the citizen’s rights is threatened, or maybe,
violated by whoever, the individual has the constitution right as a Nigerian
citizen to seek his protection from the Nigerian judiciary, because one
major function of the judiciary is the protection of the rights of the Nigerian
citizens, even foreigners, since it has to do with human rights.
3)Juduciary Conducts Judicial Inquiries
More often, issues of state important do come up that normally begs for
inquiries. In such a situation, court Judges are normally called upon to
serve such purposes. Once Enquiry Commissions are constituted, Judges
are always the people to head such commissions.
4)Judiciary Special Role in a Federation*
The judiciary has more vital role to play, where a federal system of
government is practice, such as the Nigerian situation. This role include,
guarding the constitution and as well as arbitering disputes involving say,
the federal and the state governments.
5)Judiciary Interprets and Applies Laws*
Another functions of the judiciary is the interpretation and the application
of laws to all cases. We are in the know that, judiciary disputes and as
well, decides on cases brought before it.
1)Supreme headquarters : Sokoto and Gwandu were the seats of the Emirs.
The Emir of Gwandu controlled the western empire while the Emir of Sokoto
controlled the eastern empire.
2)District administration : Each emirate was divided into districts for
administrative convenience. An official known as Hakimi was usually
appointed to
the Emir to administer the district.
3)Village heads : Village heads were appointed by Haikimi to help in the
collection of taxes, e.g. cattle tax (Jangali).
4)Legislative functions : Islamic laws were the supreme laws of the emirate.
5)Executive functions : The emir was authoritarian and had absolute powers
even though he had a body of advisers, yet he can ignore or accept their
6)Judicial functions: The judicial administration was based on Sharia laws.
The laws were administered by Alkali judges.
7)Centralized administration : The emirate system was a highly centralized
one with the Emirs possessing almost all the powers. He was an
authoritarian ruler.
1)The independence constitution provided for a democratic parliamentary
system of government whereby the office of the head of State is different
from the office of the head of government.
2)A federal system of government was retained.
3)Queen Elizabeth was still the Head of state, Nnamdi Azikwe, the Governor
– General, was a ceremonial Head of State representing the Queen until
October 1st1963 when Nigeria became a republican State.
4)The prime minister was the Head of government and administration
{Tafawa Balewa}.
5)The constitution provided for a bi-cameral legislature at the center, the
Senate (upper house) and House of Representatives ( lower house).
6)The constitution provided a premier as the Head of the executive of each
Colonialism is the policy of a polity seeking to extend or retain its authority
over other people or territories, generally with the aim of developing or
exploiting them to the benefit of the colonizing
Imperialism refers to political or economic control, either formally or
informally. In simple words, colonialism can be thought to be a practice
and imperialism as the idea driving the practice.
Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the
promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of
gaining and maintaining sovereignty over the homeland.
Warrant Chiefs, Africa The British appointed willing participants or
collaborators and gave them “warrants” to act as local representatives of
the British administration among their people.
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