Neco 2017 Objective & Physical Geography Answers

Neco 2017 Objective & Physical Geography Answers

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-Erosional plains
-Structural plains
-Structural plains: They are relatively undisturbed horizontal surfaces of the Earth. They are structurally depressed areas of the world that make up some of the most extensive natural lowlands on the Earth’s surface
-Erosional plains: They are plains that have been leveled by various agents of denudation such as running water, rivers, wind and glacier which wear out the rugged surface and smoothens them. Plain resulting from the action of these agents of denudation are called peneplains (almost plain) while plains formed from wind action are called pediplains
-for farming
-Building industrial Area
-Building residential area
-Grazing Livestock
5a)Volcanicity is the process where molten magma or lava forces its way out from the earths crust unto the earths surface,as a result of temperature and pressure
-Dikes are tubular in shape and may be only a few centimeters wide
-Batholith are large/massive plutons that cover an area of an area of atleast 100 km squared when they are exposed on earths surface
-fast flood
-Rock falls
-Mud slide
Gully erosion Can be defined as the removal of soil along drainage lines by surface water runoff
Sheet Erosion can be defined as the erosion that removes surface material more or less evenly from an extensive area as contrasted with erosion along well-defined drainage lines that produces or enlarges gullies or ravines
Overgrazing occurs when farmers stock too many animals such as sheep, cattle or goats on their land
Overcropping is when the land is being continuously under cultivation and is not allowed to lie fallow between crops
-Planting Vegetation
-Retaining Walls/Edging

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