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Racksterly Review: Scam or Legit- Share & Get Paid

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Racksterly Review: Scam or Legit- Share & Get Paid by : 12:10 am On June 17, 2020

Racksterly review … Racksterly (Racksterly.co) is a new income program where registered members are paid for sharing content otherwise called adverts on Facebook and for referring new members to the site. This article contains an honest review of the program. Is Racksterly scam or legit? Find out below👇

Racksterly is a scam and will never come back again, stop reading….

Racksterly (Racksterly.co) Income Program Review - Share & Get Paid
Racksterly Logo

Please note that Racksterly has crashed. And their website has been permanently deleted. A visit to their official website (www.racksterly.com) produces an error.

Having known that, the only feasible thing you can do is to request a chargeback from your bank. Racksterly, through their official Facebook page, announced that they would refund as many people as they could.

Paystack and FutterWave have since refunded those they could. However, some banks are still withholding the funds. Which means that your money might have been refunded but your bank may not have fully authorised the transaction.

Hence, you need to go to the bank and tell them to refund your money. They will check it and if you were among the people that were refunded, the bank will then authorised the transaction and your money will be paid into your account.

Racksterly is not like those websites you have heard about. It is not NNU, not MMM, not a pyramid level. It is a new program with clearly defined objectives.

Racksterly, to me, is more like an advertising platform. They help companies promote their products and services online. They serve as the middleman connecting the advertisers with the promoters (registered members sharing their content on Facebook). Continue reading my Racksterly review, please don’t rush it.

The same thing Adsense (Google-owned advertising program) does, is what Racksterly does. But unlike Adsense, you don’t need a website or mobile apps to benefit from the platform. Racksterly only requires a valid Facebook account.

Seriously, very soon if you are ready to take action, you will be making money off your Facebook account on Racksterly. And I mean it because I am into it already.

Is Racksterly Scam or Legit? Racksterly Review

For those of you who will say that Racksterly is a scam… Before you jump into such a conclusion, try and read this👇

Racksterly is not a scam, it is legit. Yes, let me tell you why. The website pays you to promote products and services from well reputable companies on your Facebook timeline.

Within the period I have worked with them, most of the products I have shared on my timeline are from top Nigerian companies; Glo, Pepsi, Konga, Jumia, etc.

To further solidify this claim, the website does not require referrals. Most of the scam websites we have seen so far, always ask for a referral. But Racksterly does not.

If you choose to refer, you are only doing it to double your hustle not like it is compulsory.

Although they still compensate you for referrals you cannot compare their referral rate with those of the scam websites.

Racksterly only pays 5% per referral. Can you compare it with the 70 percent rate offered by NNU or the 30-50% offered by MMM? Can you see the differences? But don’t worry, the platform has been built in such a way that you can make as much money as you want even without referrals. Please, I am not trying to take a side in this Racksterly Review. But I believe that a good program is worth recommending.

Racksterly Earning Proof

Below are recent Racksterly Payment proofs. Try cl!ck on the im@ge for the full picture

Racksterly December Earnings
Racksterly December Earnings
Racksterly Earning Proofs
Racksterly Earning Proof for November
Racksterly Earnings November 26th
Racksterly Earning October 26th

Are you still doubting this? Below is the screenshot of a payment I received from Racksterly on 2nd October 2019. Please, click on the image to view full👇

Racksterly Earning Proof
Racksterly Earning Proof

See Alerts from other Racksterly Users?

Racksterly Withrawal Alert
Racksterly Withdrawal Alert
Racksterly Withrawal Proof
Racksterly Withdrawal Proof

More earning proofs👇

Sounding great, right? It’s okay. Prepare to become that rich man or woman you have been dreaming so far.

But let me tell you, if you want to be rich, you must be ready to do some crazy things. Yes, joining this Racksterly could be one of the crazy things you are about to do. And it is now that those who will make names in the company will emerge. And that is why I have written this Racksterly review; to prove to you that it is not a scam.

Racksterly is still new, not up to two months old as at the time when this Racksterly review was published. Village people will tell you to wait, let’s see some confirmations. Let’s wait till John, James, Jude, etc withdraw.

Okay, it is not bad if you wait. But who knows, when you decide to join, they might have stopped accepting new members or something like that happened.

Go and check any successful business today. The first-timers are always on top. So, you wanna be on top of the business? Then, you must join Racksterly today or never.

What about joining the business? Looks like a great fortune, right? Yes, it is. But one does not join such business just for free.

We all know the top paying businesses in Nigeria today. We know the oil sector, we know the real estate, we know the importers, etc. But, are there any of the businesses you can enter for free? Did I hear you say No? Oh, you are right.

None of those big businesses you hear of today, you can join for free. And now, I have just introduced you to a new business that will soon take over the lead.

Do you think that joining this will be free? Whatever, it is free to some extent. Joining Racksterly was supposed to be free! But you know Nigerians, you know how we abuse free things.

Considering that, the company says that users have to subscribe to the service to show that they are serious and that you won’t just open the account and leave it dormant or even use it for some spamming stuff.

Based on that, working on Racksterly is strictly on subscription. If you subscribe, you will be entitled to share their products on Facebook. Once your subscription ends, you will have to renew it to continue getting products to promote on your Facebook timeline.

Hope you get that? Okay, but let me explain something. If you subscribe to the one month plan, before the subscription ends, you would have made at least double the money you used to subscribe.

So how much is the subscription? Okay, the price depends on the plan you want to subscribe to. I am going to explain everything to you in this Racksterly review.

There is the $18 plan, if you subscribe to it, you will be making at least $1.2 daily from the products they will give you to share on your Facebook timeline. Note that that is just the minimum, you can make higher than that in a day through referrals.

There is also the $25 plan. This one, you will be making at least $1.8 daily for 30 days.

There is the $48 plan. If you subscribe to the plan, you will be making at least $3.5 daily for 30 days.

The Final Plan is the $75 plan. If you subscribe to it, you will be making at least $5.6 per day for one month. On Racksterly, $1 equals 360.

Generally, there are 4 plans on Racksterly
1. Dew–> 1-month sub with $18  (6480)(transactions are done with dollars) you earn $1.2 per share/per day till ur sub ends
2. Drizzle–> 1-month sub with $25 (9000) you earn $1.2 per day/per post
3. Already mentioned above Storm $45 (16200) sub $3.5 per day/per post
4 Typhoon—> $75 (27000) and you earn $5.6 per day/per post

So, it depends on the one you can afford. You can make a good amount of money from anyone you choose. And the good thing about it is that you get paid into your Naira bank account.

Also, you subscribe using your Naira debit card. So simple, right?


What with achievements? Racksterly rewards its users for achieving certain fits such as referring somebody the day you joined the program, getting up to 6 referrals within your 30 days of subscriptions, referring 10, 20…100 people to the site before your subscription ends. Racksterly sees those things as commendable fits and therefore they offer some rewards to users for achieving such.

Below is a breakdown of all the Racksterly achievement rewards

  • When you get your first referral they reward you with $2.5
  • Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
  • Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets you $45
  • Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
  • Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
  • Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
  • Referring 3 friends in 1-month sub gets you $10
  • Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends gets you $9

Referring 6 people to subscribe to your plan or any other plan higher than the one you purchased will extend your subscription to 60 days.

Within the free 30 days, you will still get promotional products that you share on Facebook and get paid.

Who Is The Owner of Racksterly?

Racksterly was founded by Medaecon Limited [RC 756703] around May 2019. It does not have any physical office in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria or any part of the world.

Racksterly Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Why Do I Have to Pay to Share Advert on My Timeline?
According to Racksterly, this is one of their most frequently asked questions. As such, they have taken their time to answer it in a simple language. Like I said before, you are required to pay before you can share their adverts. And the reason is to protect their system from abuse. If they make it free to join, you will agree with me that they will spend at least 40% of their income fighting spam.

But now there are subscription fees, it has reduced the number of intending spammers. If you are joining, you are joining for real.

Is Referral Compulsory?
No. Referral is not compulsory on Racksterly. However, if you refer somebody, you will be rewarded handsomely. They pay 5% for a referral. Besides the 5% commission, there are rewards for users who reached a certain target. They call it Achievements. Achievement is a feature that allows you to earn big amount of money from referral. 5% commission is small, some said! But, if three persons join the program through your link, you get $10 instant reward. And if six people subscribe through your link to a plan you are on or a plan higher, your current plan will be extended to sixty days. That is; you will not be asked to subscribe again after the first thirty days.

In addition to the above rewards, there are still other rewards for users who reached a certain level in terms of the number of referrals. I have already talked about Achievements on this Racksterly review. If you did not read it, click here to scroll back.

What Happened if My Account Is Extended?

As I said earlier, inviting six friends to the program will extend your current plan to sixty days. You might be wondering what you will do with the extended account. Would you be able to share adverts and receive referral commissions? The answer is Yes. An extended account is the same as a normal account, but unlike the latter, it is free.

How Do I Know if My Account Is Extended?

Once a minimum of six people join the program and successfully subscribe to a plan you are on or a plan higher, your subscription will be extended to sixty days automatically. To check it, login to your account and click on the menu. You will see “Extended Yes“. Else, your account is not yet eligible. See mine below👇

Racksterly Extended Account

How Does Racksterly Work? Share & Get Paid

How does Racksterly work? Racksterly believes that digital word-of-mouth is the advertising of the future. By digital word-of-mouth, it means telling your friends about a product or service on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Racksterly uses Facebook for its promotions. Discovering how effective it is to advertise using digital word-of-mouth, Racksterly decides to pay people that are ready to help them reach their targeted audience on Facebook.

So, your work would be to tell your friends about a product or service by sharing it with your friends on Facebook. Each day you share a post, Racksterly pays you a certain amount which you withdraw a day before your subscription expires. Every subscription lasts for 30 days.

If you are new to Racksterly, here is an overview of how it works:

  • You Join Racksterly
  • Share their advert on your Facebook timeline every day
  • Request Withdrawal a day before your subscription expires
  • Get paid to your bank account
  • Subscribe again to another plan if you wish
  • And continue sharing and earning

I just Subscribed, What Else?

It is time for you to work and collect your “mula“. Share one of the adverts on your dashboard to your Facebook timeline. Copy your referral link and begin to invite your family and friends.

Why Can’t I Share Advert Twice or More Per A Day?

I have had people ask me this question several times. I understand that you can share the adverts more than a hundred times in a day. But, Racksterly is not built to work that way. They have limited the sharing to one advert per day. The reason is to prevent spam. Facebook even frowns upon users who share lots of links on their timeline. And you can be banned for going against the community rules. So, understand it like that, it is not that Racksterly cannot allow us to share more than one advert in a day, but they do observe Facebook rules.

What Bank Account Can I Use to Withdraw?

You can use any Nigerian bank account to withdraw your earnings.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Earnings?

Racksterly uses automatic withdrawal. Once you hit the withdrawal button, expect your payment soon. It is important to note that sometimes, your bank might delay it due to network problems. In such cases, it may take up to 24hours before it arrives.

How Can I Contact Racksterly?

There is a contact form on their website; you can use it to message them. You can as well email them at cx@racksterly.com. Or chat them on their Facebook page at fb.com/racksterly or on Messanger at m.me/racksterly.

Is Racksterly Real? Make Money With Facebook

At this point, I can fully vouch that Racksterly is real. I could not give this type of assurance for the first few months I was in the business. In my previous Racksterly Review, you would have noticed some uncertainties. But right now, I can boldly say that Racksterly is real.

And I am very sure that anybody that has been in the business for at least two months now would still say the same. To new members, from 11th to 13th of December, 2019, Racksterly was down. Many thought they had made away with our money then.

But to our surprise, they came back after the three days explaining in detail why they went offline. They also paid all of us for the days we could not work. They further processed and paid those whose withdrawals were due within the period. Racksterly is real, no doubt. See the screenshot of the post they made on their Facebook page at Fb.com/racksterly explaining what happened👇

Racksterly Facebook Post

I have never seen any online business as transparent as Racksterly. Whatever happens in the system, they come through explaining it and providing a solution as well. I am simply a member, but I know almost everything about the program.

They don’t hide things from anybody. As a member, they keep you updated with what is happening inside as well as outside. If you have not joined Racksterly, I urge you to join now. They are real.

Anybody condemning it is probably doing so out of wickedness. Racksterly has been keeping to its words. No member has ever requested a withdrawal and did not get paid, or subscribed and was not credited! So, why would somebody say it is a scam? I would rather be silent than say that.

About Racksterly Payment and Withdrawal Issues

For the past few days, people have been complaining that they cannot withdraw their earnings. Some also said they were debited twice during registration and for days the money has not been reverted. Some complain that they cannot even subscribe. There have been a whole lot of issues lately.

Before I say anything about that, I will like to state in this post that I am not one of Racksterly officials or workers. I am just a lay member like you. But, I will still not desist from sharing the little information I have with you.

In response to the various complaints brought before Racksterly, they made an update on their Facebook page addressing the whole issues.
Below are the screenshots of the post.

Note that payment for subscription is currently working well and you can subscribe right away.

If you read the post, there is a place they said that they would meet with their new payment gateway (Flutterwave) to resolve the issues of sending money. They have met with them.

However, the meeting was not fruitful. Flutterwave could not lift the ban on the disbursement of funds. They have even refunded those that subscribed to Racksterly using their gateway.

Racksterly Poll – Go and Vote Now

We all have been waiting for Rackterly to resolve the issues hindering them from paying us our earnings. Since Flutterwave has refused to work with Rackstrely, they have come up with two options for us to choose one.

The first option is that they should refund as many people ( those that subscribed through Paystack) as they can and close the site. While the second option is that Racksterly should continue to look for a reliable payment gateway that will enable them to pay people without any limitation. According to them, they have already made some progress on that.

There is a poll currently going on Racksterly Facebook page. The outcome of the poll will decide our fate. See poll options below👇

  1. Make Refund
  2. Make Refunds And Go Home
  3. ds And Go Home
  4. Play Kamikaze (Integrate a new reliable Payment Gateway)

Voting has ended. The “Play Kamikaze” got 69% of the votes while the “Make Refunds And Go Home” got  31%. Therefore, KamiKaze won.

Since the KamiKaze won, it means we are going to wait for them to find a working payment gateway that will enable them to send and receive payments unlimitedly. So, we should all exercise some patience. I believe they will come back stronger.

Login Disabled. Winding Down …

The verdict has finally come. Racksterly has closed.  But, they have promised to refund as many people as they can. While trying to log in, you may see something like “Login Disabled. Winding Down“.Winding down means they are shutting down.

According to their recent update on Facebook, the refund will start from the new members down to the early birds. The refund started on 22nd January, 2020 by 11:59 pm.

If you have not gotten yours, allow for two weeks. After that, you may contact your bank if you still did not get it. Note that they did not say they will refund everybody. So, there is also every possibility that you won’t be refunded.

Racksterly Nairaland – See Why Posts Were Removed

A few months ago, I wrote some articles on Nairaland about Racksterly review. However, a check on the pages today shows that they have been removed or deleted.

Below is a list of articles about Racksterly on Nairaland:

  • Racksterly – Make Money Online By Sharing Adverts On Facebook …
  • Is Racksterly A Scam Or Legit? YES!! Is Completely Real And Paying
  • 100% Legit Way If Making Money Online (racksterly)
  • Racksterly Review 2020: Make Money Upto 15k – 70k By Sharing

If you try to visit any of those articles from Google, you will get an error. What could have happened? Does it mean Racksterly is a scam or legit? Here is my opinion on that.

Nairaland does not endorse articles about investment scheme, betting, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Binary Options etc. So, our posts were against Nairaland Terms and Conditions. It does not have anything to with Racksterly.

Racksterly remains real. And nothing can change it. If you have not joined, endeavour to do so. Disregard every negative comment you might have received about Racksterly. Most of the people saying bad things about the program are not even members.

They want to discourage you probably because they don’t have money to do it. Join today and shock them with your alert.

What do you think about this Racksterly Review? Do you have any questions? Please, use the comment form below.

Before you register, you may like to know how to go about it. Here is a well-written article on how to register for Racksterly Income Program . Already a member? Here is the latest news on Racksterly.

Check Out: MulaBux Review: Is It A Scam or Legit? – See Earning Proofs


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    1. George Post author

      Kindly check back by tomorrow or next. Racksterly is having payment issues with Paystack. As such, they have decided to migrate to another payment gateway. For now, you can’t withdraw or pay for any subscription.

  1. love4all

    Good morning everyone,
    I registered on racksterly and I suppose to get withdrawal on the 24th of this January before the crash down. I have be waiting for refund for sometime
    Is there hope for me to get my money back or what? Please help a brother

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