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Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Money With You Blog / Website

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Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Money With You Blog / Website by : 2:01 am On March 2, 2018

Many bloggers struggle day and night to make money online but after all the struggle they still can’t make a sustainable income compared to the hard work they have put on their blog while many still make good money but wants more which is normal.

Who wouldn’t like to make more money online but these days making triple zeros (000) and more online is not that simple without good strategies, patient and hard work.

The reason why I decided to write about this topic is because you should be making money online and your hard work should not be in vain but if you do not then keep reading till the end because I will be revealing 10 Reasons why you are not making enough money online from your blog that might help you ascertain the cause of your problems.

Before revealing few reasons why you are not making money online, I have written lots article that will equally guide you on how to make money online.

10 Reasons why you are not making enough money online from your blog

I know you can’t wait to know why making money online has not been easy for you but you don’t need to wait any further because am set to list 10 Reasons why you are not making enough money online from your blog.

1. Your mindset is on the wrong pat

Right from the first day, you started blogging what was your thought?

Do you see blogging as the quick and easy way to make money online or just started blogging because you heard that A or B is making big money online from their blog and that is why you want to start blogging.

No doubt you can be motivated by someone’s success stories but if I were you the right question to ask is what is he doing to make this money and ask again can I do it, if the answer is yes then why not but being moved by the amount he makes without thinking about the hard work involved is a joke.

2. A Bad start can be a disaster

New bloggers always ask how soon they can start making money from their blog after launching it forgetting that how they start plays a major role when it comes to how soon they can start making money.

Before starting a blog ask yourself what niche will be right for me, what platform should I use (Blogger or WordPress) and then which audience should I target and finally what product can they be interested to buy and use, these questions is the key if you are really serious in making money online.

Creating a blog just to discuss everything might not be profitable compared to niche blog, eg technology, entertainment, health, relationship, fashion etc.

3. You are blogging to fail

This might sound funny because we all want to be a successful blogger but trust me many have been blogging to fail without knowing and I will tell you how.

If you are still copying and pasting other peoples work on your blog then you are blogging to fail because search engines will sooner or later see your blog as worthless and you will tell me how to make good money when your blog receives little or no traffic (visitors).

Newbies often think that making money is about creating a website then copy and past some good article from a random website and the money starts flowing but No it doesn’t work that way.

Spamming other bloggers to get free traffic like many do publish here on Earboard will not be good for your website and your reputation, the best thing to do is to work harder providing helpful unique content to your audience that even search engines will recognise your hard work and reward you with free targetted traffic that will give you the type of money you need.

4. You blog is lacking basic optimization

No one makes money online without traffic and to get a reasonable traffic from search engines you need to optimize your blog to perform better, eg make it responsive, improve the speed and learn basic search engine optimizations.

Take note of the above recommendation will help your website rank well in search engines which results in more traffic, more money for you.

5. You are not staying close to your competitors

Internet marketing sometimes is about research and experiment because what works a few years ago might not be working right now so you should stay close to the big players in your niche to find out what they are doing that you are not.

6. You are not building email list subscribers

Ignoring the power of email marketing means keeping your egg in one basket because having a large subscribers means you can still make lots of money even when you are not ranking well in search engines because you can always reach out to those who are interested in what you offer and might as well be willing to buy the product you recommend for them.

Building email list keeps you close to those who are interested in your blog and its content because they will always come back since they have given you the power to notify them of new products and services.

7. Not Paying Attention to Social Media traffic engagement

Visitors from Social media might not convert so well compared to organic search traffic but it can still give you a much needed helping hand you need to grow your online business and exposure.

Many online big marketers receive thousands and millions of visitors from Facebook on a monthly basis and not just from Google search or bing and it will be better to diversify your business plan.

8. You are Using unfriendly writing styles or methods

What you write about and how you write it plays a major role in building an audience that is why you should write in a way they can easily understand and wants to read more of what you write.

Good writing can as well help in reducing bounce rate of your blog because your visitors will stay longer reading your articles which is one of the signs that tells search engines that you have something vital that people love to read.

9. You have tarnished your reputation with fake review and recommendations

I understand how desperate you are to make money but your audience is looking up to you and if you want them to trust you then don’t deceive them in other to make money or ask them to buy a fake product just because you want to make money not because it will be useful to them because if you do you will lose them in a short while.

10. Recommending and selling wrong products and services

The best way to make money online is to understand your audience, where they came from and what they might be interested in and then look for an affiliate partners to join though I Nigeria we rely much on Adsense and not affiliate marketing but even at that you need the right content/keyword and targetted audience to make real money from Google Adsense.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you have identified where you are making makes, and if you still have more question to ask regarding how to make mone online then don’t hesitate to ask.

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