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Reproduction (1) by : 9:08 pm On June 15, 2018

Meiosis is a special cell division which takes place during gamete formation. Meoisis reduces chromosome number of the new cell to have numbers of the parent cell, for instance, in man the s***m and ova contain 23 number of chromosome. When the two gamete fuse, the zygote that is formed contain 46 number of chromosome, these diploid number of chromosome is reduce during gamete formation.
Meoisis takes place in two successive division;
1. First meiotic division is when the parent cell split into two
2. Second meiotic division when the product of the first divide.
N.B- The production is called SPERMATOGENASIS.
Cell division is the process in which cells divide or split into two or more sides.
I- Interphase
P- Prophase
M- Metaphase
A- Anaphase
T- Telophase.

1.Interphase: what happens here, is the same as in mitosis. The chromosome are too trade like to be clearly visible.
2. Prophase: At early Prophase, the chromosome contract and become more visible and nucleus shrinks.
3. Metaphase: At this stage, chromosome move to the equator of the spindle. In meosis, homologous chromosome. Move together as unit.
3: Anaphase: At this stage, the chromosome which are made up of a pair of chromatid migrate to the opposite pole of the spindle.
4. Telophase: At this stage, The chromosome reach their destination and the cell constrinct across the middle as in mitosis.

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