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Sairui Mall: The E-commerce Shop that Pays You to Shop

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Sairui Mall: The E-commerce Shop that Pays You to Shop by : 11:00 pm On May 7, 2020

Sairui Mall is an international e-commerce shop that utilises a new business model called New Retail for the marketing and distribution of its products. The company was founded by Mr Zhang Yuan.

Sairui Mall Logo
Sairui Mall Logo
Zhang Yuan Sairui Founderoiup
Zhang Yuan – Sairui Founder

Sairui Mall was launched in Africa on the 29th of March 2019, first in Ghana and later in other African countries.  The company has, however, been in existence since 2008 in China, the home of the founder.  It is barely seven months old in Nigeria.

Unlike traditional E-commerce store, Sairui Mall provides customers (members) with a platform for revenue generation on the site.  Users can buy products at a wholesale price and resell it at the retail price on the site without having to hawk the goods on the street or online. Members also enjoy other benefits such as Referral bonuses, Service Centre Profits,   Service Chain Profits etc.

Sairui Mall is currently available in 20 countries globally. They have physical establishments in Nigeria, Ghana, China and 15 other countries in the world.

The company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Sairui E-Commerce Nigeria Limited in Nigeria, Sairui E-Commerce Ghana in Ghana, Sairui E-Commerce Cameroun in Cameroun and so on. It is also registered with five other official bodies in Nigeria including CBN, SCUML, SEC, ICPC and NAFDAC(in progress).

Sairui Corporate Affairs Certificate

EFCC certiticate of Operation

FIRS Certificate


Having registered with all these relevant governmental bodies, it is clear that Sairui Mall is not a scam. SCUMEL, a unit of EFCC that controls money laundry in Nigeria, approved Sairui Mall business. This alone is enough to prove that it is legit.

Above all, Sairui Mall is not a Ponzi scheme. It is not  MLM like MMM. It is not a High Yield Investment (HYIP). Also, it is not a bank or even an investment. Sairui Mall is an E-commerce shop like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay etc. It is unique in the sense that members can buy an item at a wholesale price on the site and sell the item on the site at the retail price.

Wholesale price is always cheaper than the retail price. Which means there is room for profit-making while you trade. And you can do the whole trading in the comfort of your home. Also, the system auto sells the item for you.

Differences between Sairui Mall and other MLM schemes

Sairui Shopping Mall is not an MLM scheme. There are no registration fees. The trading capital and profits can be withdrawn at any time. Referral is optional. Trading is also at your discretion and every 10 days. If you know what MLM business is all about, you would have known, by now, that Sairui is way different.

Products on Sairui Mall

As an e-commerce shop, Sairui Mall features a wide range of products. Although the merchandise is mainly quantum energy products, efforts are being made to include local goods. Quantum energy products you can buy on Sairui Mall comprise the following:

  • Quantum fuel saver card
  • Quantum energy heart and neck
  • Instrument (pendant)
  • Quantum beauty sprayer
  • Quantum mobile phone sticker
  • Quantum energy Foot Messenger
  • Slimming Patch
  • Spectrum Skin Rejuvenation Mask
  • Quantum Ring
  • Beauty Mask
  • Quantum energy glasses
  • Anti Radiation Phone Sticker and more.

Each of these products has significant health benefits to the user.  For example, the anti-radiation phone sticker helps to counter all forms of lethal radiation emanating from a phone.

After joining the program, you will need to purchase one of the quantum products before you can start trading. The product will also be shipped to you. And it will give you 100-year access to trade on the platform.

The product you purchase also determines the product you will trade. For example, if you purchase Spectrum Skin Rejuvenation Mask, you will be allowed to buy two of the products at a cheaper price and also sell it on the site at the retail price. This will be explained in detail later.

How to Trade on Sairui Mall

Before you can start trading, you will need to purchase a product. There are currently five packages (aka VIPs) on the system. Each VIP level comes with a product. All the VIPs have trading access except for VIP1.

In general, the packages are:

  1. VIP1 (Receives a product but no trading access)
  2. VIP2 (Product and trading access)
  3. VIP3 (Product and trading access)
  4. VIP4 (Product and trading access)
  5. VIP5 (Product and trading access)

VIP1 has no trading access. Although it still has benefits, we will explain it later. For now, our interest is in those with trading access. Each of the VIPs has a unique product. And the prices of those products differ. For example, VIP2 trade on Quantum Beauty Sprayer which costs $50 at the retail store while VIP3 trade on Quantum Energy glasses which cost $100 per pair.

Below is a list of all the levels, the products and the retail prices.

  1. VIP1: Anti-radiation phone sticker = $25
  2. VIP2: Quantum beauty spray = $50
  3. V1P3: Quantum energy eyeglasses = $100
  4. VIP4: Quantum energy pendant= $300
  5. VIP5: quantum energy Foot Massager =$600

As a registered member, you are required to activate one of the levels buy buying the associated product. That will give you access to the back office and or the wholesale area. The price tagged to each product is the amount of money it will cost you to purchase it.

After purchasing the product, you will now have access to the back office. The wholesale area will be opened to you if you purchase VP2 or higher. And you can then trade and earn. Note that trading is not the only way you can earn from the program. You can earn from referrals, Service Profit, Chain profit etc.

Let’s assume you have purchased VIP2 or higher and you now have access to the Wholesale area. You have been given access to buy from the wholesale store, so it is left to you to shop. But your account balance is zero. As such, you need to fund your account.

Each VIP Level, from VIP2 to VIP5, has a trading capital associated with it. This is different from the activation money (the money you paid for the product). The trading capital is the money you will use to buy merchandise from the wholesale area. It is withdrawable.

Below is a list of the trading capital for each level. Remember that VIP1 does not have trading access. So, we will exclude it from the list.

  1. VIP2 = $90
  2. V1P3 = $180
  3. VIP4 = $540
  4. VIP5 = $1080

The monies above are the trading capitals. Let’s use VIP2 to explain it. The trading capital for VIP2 is $90 (from the list above). With the $90, you can buy two of the VIP2 products from the wholesale area. Recall that each VIP2 product costs $50.

After you have bought from the Wholesale area, you allow the company to sell the products for you at the retail price of $50. Which means you will be expecting $100 from them at the end. That is to say, you have made a profit of $10. Since $100-$90=$10. But 3O% of your profit goes to tax in your country. Consequently, you go home with a profit of $7.

Every trade lasts for a maximum of 10 days. Your capital and profit will be returned to you between 7-10days. And you keep trading for a lifespan of 100 years. Both the capital and profits are withdrawable. However, once you withdraw your capital, you won’t be able to trade again until you fund it back.

Summarily, Trading on  Sairui Mall is done by buying merchandise from the wholesale area and allowing the company to resell it for you at a retail price which may take between 7-10.

Trading Profits (Store Profits)

As explained earlier, VIP2 makes a profit of $7 in every 10-days. We believe that you know how we calculated it. If you don’t, refer to the previous paragraphs. Here, we will list all the levels and each of their cumulative profits in a particular period. VIP1 does not trade, so we are going to exclude it from the list. Note that one Sairui point equals $1. And $1 equals ₦380 for those in Nigeria.

Trading Profits in Every 10-days

  • VIP2: $7 (₦2,660)
  • VIP3: $14 (₦5,320)
  • VIP4: $42 (₦15,960)
  • VIP5: $84 (₦31,920)

Monthly Trading Profits

  • VIP2: $21 (₦7,980)
  • VIP3: $42 (₦15,960)
  • VIP4: $126 (₦47,880)
  • VIP5: $252 (₦95,760)

Yearly Trading Profits

  • VIP2: $252 (₦95,760)
  • VIP3: $504 (₦191,520)
  • VIP4: $1512 (₦574,560)
  • VIP5: $3024 (₦1,149,120)

Note that the trading capital was not included in the profits. However, you can still withdraw both anytime you decide not to trade again. If you want to continue trading, withdraw the profit and leave the capital.

Moreover, trading is not the only way to make money on Sairui Mall. You can as well earn from referrals. There are five more level profits you can unlock through referrals. Read on for full detail.

Referral Level Profits

Referral level profits are earnings that are referral based. In other words, unlike the store profits, it is dependent on the number of people that you registered in the program. All VIPs including VIP1 can earn from the referral.

There are 5 referral level profits on Sairui Shopping Mall and they are:

  1. Direct Sharing Profit (Referral Bonus)
  2. Chain Store Profit
  3. Service Profit (Binary Bonus)
  4. Chain Service Profit:
  5. Traditional E-Commerce Profit

1. Direct Sharing Profit (Referral Bonus): This is an instant reward you get when you refer somebody to the program. Sairui Mall will pay you 20% of your referral’s product purchase in the retail store.

For example, let’s assume you registered Mr A in the program. Mr A after the registration purchased VIP3 product (Quantum energy eyeglasses) which cost $100. You would be paid 20% of the Point Volume (the price after tax deduction). The company pays 20% of any product sold to the buyer’s country tax. If we remove the tax payment of 20% from $100, what will remain is $80. 20% of the PV, which is $16, would be paid to your account instantly.

Below is a list of all the product levels and the amounts you will make if your referral purchase any.

VIP1: $4 (₦1,520)

VIP2: $8 (₦3,040)

VIP3: $16 (₦6,080)

VIP4: $48 (₦18,000)

VIP5: $96 (₦36,480)

Sairui Mall Direct Referral Rewards

2. Chain Store Profit: This is a residual income earned from your network. It is of three types which are:

  • Gold Level Chain Store Profits
  • Platinum Level Chain Store Profit
  • Crown Level Chain Store Profit

Gold Level Chain Store Profits: This is the profit you make from your first generation in every round of trade. Your 1st generation is your direct referrals. Sairui Mall will pay you 3% of your first (1st) Generation purchases in the New Retail store. You must have up to 3 direct referrals to be eligible for this reward.

Chain Store Profit 3percent

Profit calculation:

Chain Store Profit 3 percent calculation

Platinum Level Chain Store Profit: If 5 or more persons join the program through you, Sairui Mall will pay you 2% of your second generation’s purchases in the New Retail in every round of their trade. That is, you will earn 2% of the purchases made by those invited by your first generation in every cycle of a trade. Remember that trade lasts for 10 days.

Chain Store Profit 2percent

Note that if the referrals did not start trading at the same time, the Chain store profit will be scattered. In other words, you get paid each time any of them completes a trade.

3. Service Profit (Binary Bonus)

When building your network, you register your referrals either on your left or right legs. In other words, some will be on your left leg and some on your right leg. Every day, Sairui will calculate all the transactions made by your weaker leg for the day and pay you 12%. Your weaker leg is the one that made the least amount of trade.

For example; if at the end of the day, your right leg made $1500 transaction and the left made only $1000. The system will take your left leg as the weaker leg and 12% of the trade which is $180 will be paid to you. Note that the payment is recurring as far as the two legs continue trading. This is called Service Profit or Binary Bonus.

Service Profit

4. Chain Service Profit – CSP

There are so many ways to earn on Sairui Mall. The Chain Service Profit (CSP) is a combination of Chain Profit and Service profit. Some percentage of the two will get to you again in the form of Chain Service Profit. To know how much you will earn from this, check the illustration in the image below.

Chain Service Profit

5.Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Don’t forget the fact that Sairui Mall also has traditional e-commerce like Amazon. Although most people only avail themselves of the New Retail, you can make money through Sairui traditional e-commerce. Traditional E-Commerce profit is a bonus paid to you by referral when you refer manufacturers to sell their commodities on Sairui. One per cent of the price of any product sold by the manufacturer on Sairui comes to you.

Traditional EC Profit

As listed above, you can see that so many earning opportunities abound in this program. If you would like to join and earn, continue reading.

Please, call, message or Whatsapp 090673855875 for full details on how to join

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