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The vampires and girl

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The vampires and girl by : 4:05 am On August 7, 2018

Chapter 15


Tonia has left a long time ago leaving me in a quagmire of emotions. I tried to fix the puzzles in my mind to make sense but ended up clueless.

There was no explanation for what happened today. None that made sense. How could I see Blake and others claim they saw Henry? Did that even make sense? Or should I see a psychiatrist?

I shifted uncomfortably on the bed. This wasn’t normal at all. It was like I was having a bad dream. Blake couldn’t be evil, could he? The dream, him moves and attitude made him seem like that but I can’t just accept that.

“You should sleep.” Nurse Abigail admonished from her seat.

“Not feeling sleepy.” Who felt sleepy when in this type of crisis anyway?

As I kept trying to make head and tail of the happenings since this week, I kept coming out in deep pants like I ran a race with nothing to show for it.

“We need to go now.” Blake ordered.

When had he come? I tried to turn but the pain became more excruciating since I haven’t exercised my body.

He tried to carry me but I refused. Trying to distance myself away from him by using a pillow. He stared at me.

“What’s wrong with you this afternoon? I am not in the mood for your childish behaviour. We need to get going before your school bus leaves you.” He reprimanded.

“I don’t want to go with you. Don’t feel like I am a baby you need to babysit. You can go home, I will just find my way back home.” I said stubbornly.

“Everyone is already out of the school compound. I had to stall the driver. Now, don’t waste my time.” He snapped.

He proceeded to carry me in his arms which I was trying to ward off in vain because the pain on my knee and shoulder came back. He walked us out of the school compound to the school bus. True to his words, I hadn’t seen one student in the school and my bus was the only one outside. The driver was looking amiable though, in spite of the hold up. I had a feeling the students will be another ball game.

“My bag.” I snapped.

“If you weren’t so stupid inside, you would have found out am actually carrying it.” He grumbled.

“I am not stupid!” I shouted.

We have gotten to the bus by now. He used his side to enter the bus considering he has been carrying me. I was still in a sore mood. I didn’t like how he sometimes acted like a boss considering I don’t even know if he was the one that caused Kim to disappear. Was I even safe with him? I doubted that so much.

For a man that has been carrying me, he did it like I weighed nothing. Easily depositing me beside Tonia, who looked like she could actually faint in disbelief.

I expected him to get down from the bus but he didn’t. Instead he held the overboard rod in a move that said he was ready to sail this ship.

I didn’t want to ask him if he wasn’t going down, knowing he will say something harsh that will make the students to laugh at me. They were already whispering as it was. I couldn’t add more fuel to the already blown gossip.

Tonia tapped me and grinned at me. “Are you trying to lock Blake in a brawl with Henry?” She asked excitedly.

The bus started moving and I was a bit grateful because of the fresh air that assuaged me.

“Tonia, shut up. He is actually standing beside me and he will hear our conversations. Moreover, we have nothing between us.” I said softly.

I was starting to have headache because of all this boy talk. With Tonia, she made it an everyday habit.

“I don’t believe you. You need to see how he snapped at the driver to wait for you. Even the craziest of our peers couldn’t complain that they wanted to go home. Ok, if that’s not enough proof. What of the way he manhandled Kelechi? Does that count?” She enthused, shining her eyes at me.

“Give me a break.” I said tiredly.

I turned my face to the opposite side and pretended to take a nap. I was as red as a tomato right now and I wanted an excuse for her not to see it but it’s too late.

“You are blushing too. I knew something was there. If not, then it’s brewing. Too bad, I thought I could have had him to myself.” She grumbled.

I ignored her. I didn’t want to think about anything. I needed answers as regards to Kim’s disappearance. It was unnerving me so badly.

Soon Tonia got down and I followed suit. Blake carried me once again and we stopped in front of my gate.

“I can find my way from here.” I said.

He nodded but still entered my compound that was open as usual. I frowned, completely displeased.

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