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The Vampires and the girl

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The Vampires and the girl by : 8:25 pm On July 27, 2018

Chapter 1




Did I keep my stockings in my chest wardrobe or in my bag? I think I remember keeping it… Where? Oh God! I can’t go to school without it, I will be in soup. This day can’t get any worse! I walked dejectedly to my side draw, praying fervently it would miraculously appear in it. Well… No such luck. Instead, I was staring at a stack of CDs that I could care less about. It crossed my mind that I should turn the CDs into a stocking. It made me smile a bit but that wasn’t long lasting.

“Hannah! What are you still doing up there?” My mother’s baby voice rang. Not now. I couldn’t come clean and be honest about misplacing the stupid black stockings. I guess I might just hide here, pretending I have gone deaf. “Hannah!! I am talking to a person and not a wood right?”

I sighed and went to my mirror. I pretended I was a therapist giving myself some motivation. I looked at my identical twin staring right at me. Freckles face that I actually make look beautiful. You know what they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, I kind of loved my looks. With my eccentric blue eyes and my firm tiny lips with a small straight nose, I guess I rocked my oval face. I smiled showing my upper teeth, that was my signature smile. Looking down, I wasn’t fat neither was I thin. But my b**t was kind of nonexistent if you ask me while my b****t was let’s say an A cup. Yea, that’s it. Laugh at me all you want, I don’t care. I am just fourteen, anyway. The young shall grow. I was tall for my age but not in a creepy way. Not that, I have actually measured my height before. I am good at measuring shoulders. OK, OK… My uniform was spotless, thanks to my mom. Not a stain, not exaggerating there. “Hannah, open this door.” My mom snapped bringing me out of my self crush fantasy. I looked down at my toes morosely, no stockings yet. Let me just die. I tiptoed to the door like if I stalled time she would just vanish. Well, she was still there when I swung open the wooden door. She looked at me up and down, then groaned. “I knew it.” She muttered under her breath. I kept my face downcast, wondering what I would say or do before all the blame showers on me this morning.”I am sorry mother… ” “Keep shut. Are you four? Must I do everything for you? Can’t you think for yourself? Answer me!” My mother interrupted my utterances harshly, causing a silver tear to drop on the carpet. “I thought… I thought… I thought…” I stammered. “You thought what?” She snapped. For a tiny woman, she can make me feel so stupid. I will give her that. I didn’t want to start the tear shower, so I bit my lower lip and took deep breaths. I wished I could just escape to my fantasy world. “That I kept it in my bag.” I finished lamely. She grabbed my arm and pushed me into my room. When she spotted the blue school bag lying nonchalantly on my Dora mattress, she jacked it up and unzipped it all in one quick motion on my bed. Books flew out like it had a life of its own. My school materials followed the same vein and in that same way the black stockings came out. Mom stared at me like she couldn’t believe she gave birth to me while I kept wondering how that stockings got into my bag. “Hurry up before your school bus leaves you.” She said icily without sparing me another look. I didn’t know I was crying until I packed my bags and baggages and stood in front of the mirror. Let’s say, I am a weak girl. I walked out of the house to the school bus with LEARNERS CRIB painted all over it perched at the side of our house. “Hurry up!” The driver shouted. I quickened my pace, knowing this tribal marked man had a lot of patience. Note the sarcasm. When I got in the bus, I was automatically shy. In as much as I met this people almost all the time. I spotted my girlfriend, Tonia at the back seat and made my way to her.”Madam! What kept you up?” She queried. Note, never expect a greeting from Tonia. It’s a long shot. “Good morning to you too.” I said sarcastically. I sat down on her right, eying the window seat greedily. I wasn’t in the mood for petty conversations. My mom was still mad at me and I didn’t know what to do to make it right. My brain never got to store important details. I sighed hopelessly. The bus jerked forward, showing we were moving. “So, what happened?” Tonia piped up. “I messed up.” I said sadly. “Don’t you always.” She chuckled. I glared at her. She was short but on the big side. Sometimes I wished I could beat her then she will stop teasing me. I kept my mouth shut and faced forward. “Can’t you take a joke, Annie?” She sighed. I ignored her. After fifteen minutes, the playful pink and brown colours of our school came in full focus. I quickly checked myself, fine I was fine. I threw my bag carelessly at my back and waited for the bus to stop. Then the rushing began.

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