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WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Practical Answers

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WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Practical Answers by : 10:00 am On August 18, 2021

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(i)It can be used in giving water to livestocks
(ii)It can be used in giving feed to livestocks
(iii)It keeps animal feed away from dirts.
(iv)It can be used in packing remains of livestocks
(v)It keeps animal water away from being contaminated

(i)it keeps feeds from contamination
(ii)It keeps water from contamination

(i)It does not enable the livestocks to feed conveniently
(ii)It stress the livestocks while drinking

This is used for measuring and monitoring temperature while brooding chicks

(i)It is used for easy identification of livestock
(ii)It is also used to identify year of birth


Specimen A is gotten after all the pods on a groundnut have been removed. After this, the remaining parts is then dried.

(i) Specimen A brings about fattening in farm animals.
(ii) It aids the growth and development of farm animals.
(iii) It boost the immune system of farm animals.

(i) Sowing seed.
(ii) Vegetative propagation.

(i) Hay making.
(ii) Ensiling.

(i) It can be used for marking animals.
(ii) It can be used for cutting hay for livestock.
(iii) It is also used in killing some farm animals.
(iv) It can be used for castrating farm animals.

(i) Shell
(ii) Foot

(i) It serve as food
(ii) It serve as a source of protein
(iii) It requires low start-up capital in rearing
(iv) It is rich in therapeutic contents

(i) Beetles
(ii) Mites
(iii) Nematodes

(i) It serve as food for some farm animals
(ii) It can be used as bedding material
(iii) It can be used in farm animals building

(i) It is difficult to control when grown
(ii) It can cause injury for farm animals


(i) Comb: Comb is a small ice of meat above the chickens head
(ii) Ear Lobe: The hanging skin from chicken ear is known as ear lobe. There are various colored ear lobe of chicken.
(iii) Wattle: The soft meat hanging from the two side of chicken beak is known as wattle. It is also of various colored.
(iv) Beak: Beak of chicken is on the front side of head. It is very strong and suitable to collect crop from the ground.
(v) Eye: For sight purposes

(i)for cutting furs around K
(ii)For cutting comb of K



A: Dry groundnut haulm
B: Fresh Guinea grass
C: kitchen Knife
D: Rat(preserved)
E: Live land snail
F: Bamboo stick
G: water in a bowl(labelled)
H: Plastic bucket with cover
I: Mercury-in-glass thermometer
J: Ear tag
K: Head of cock(Fresh)
L: pair of scissors



A: Dry groundnut haulm
B: Fresh Guinea grass
C: kitchen Knife
D: Rat(preserved)
E: Live land snail
F: Bamboo stick
G: water in a bowl(labelled)
H: Plastic bucket with cover
I: Mercury-in-glass thermometer
J: Ear tag
K: Head of cock(Fresh)
L: pair of scissors



(i) Serves as food for man
(ii) A good source of protein
(iii) The shell is used for vim making
(iv) Serves as income to farmers
-B can be used as protection
-C is used for balance
(i) Plate
(ii) Neck chain
(iii) Key holder
-For food purposes
-To generate income
-To make research
-To produce offspring
Servivce day = 12 may, 2016
The gestation period = 31 days
Therefore, the kindling date will be 12th june, 2016.
WAEC 2018 Financial Accounting Answer Obj and Essay– May/June Expo
(i) Treat affected ear with appropriate drug
(ii) Isolate affected animal
(iii) Use of miticides
(iv) Invite a veterinary doctor
-Endoparasites: worm, liverfluke
-Ectoparasites: Lice, Mite, Fleas, Tick
(i) By the use of chemicals
(ii) Through the use of biological method
(iii) By the use of predators
(iv) By physical method
(i) It destroys skin and hides of cattles
(ii) It destroys cattle’s fur
(iii) It reduces the blood of cattle
(iv) Its effect reduces the weight of cattle
(i) Lice
(ii) Flea
(iii) Ringworm
(i) Use of chemical called acaricide
(ii) Biological method
WAEC 2018 Commerce Answer Obj and Essay– May/June Expo
(iii) Proper sanitation
(iv) Through physical method
-It should not be mouldy
-It should have a pleasant smell
-It should be pale green in colour
-Most of its leaves should be intact
-It should be digestable
-It should be highly nutritious
-It should be light green in colour
-It should not be mouldy or blakish
-Pests and diseases control
-Sowing and transplanting
-Seed bed preparation.

See Previous WAEC Animal Husbandry Answers Below
-Not enough drinking water
-No feed or decreased feed intake
-Low calcium in the feed
-Newcastle disease (NCD)
-Infectious bronchitis (IB)
-Poor management
-Small intestines
-Large intestines
-For food production e.g milk and meat
-They are used as source of power in the farm.
-They serve as source of hides.
-They serve as source of income to farmers
-They provides raw materials for industry
-Their horns are used for decoration
-Poultry Eggs are used for food
-They serve as raw materials for industry
-They serve as source of income for farmers
-it serve as garden aid
-It is a cure for the common hangover
-Carbohydrates serve as source of energy in animal body
-Carbohydrate functions as Hormone in animals
-Carbohydrate functions as Antigen in animals
-Carbohydrate functions as framework in animal body
-Nose and Nasal Cavity
-Bronchi and Bronchioles
-Allergic Rhinitis and Enzootic Nasal Granuloma in animals
-Sinusitis in animals
Exhalation is the flow of the respiratory current out of the organism
Inhalation is the process of breathing in,taking air and sometimes other substances into the lungs
Peristalsis is a series of wave-like muscle contractions that moves food to different processing stations in the digestive tract
O*******n is when an egg moves from the o*****s into the fallopian tubes and is ready for fertilization
rumination is the way that animals eat, storing their partially-digested food in a special stomach called a rumen, to be brought back up later and chewed more thoroughly
Digestion is the breakdown of large insoluble food molecules into small water-soluble food molecules so that they can be absorbed into the watery blood plasma.
-It has one stomach chamber|It has four compartment stomach
-Does not have teeth in its mouth part|It have teeth in its mouth part
-It has crop|Does not have a crop
-It cannot regurgitate|It can regurgitated
-Rotational grazing
– Controlled Stocking
-Fertilizer application
i)Carbohydrate – Glucose
ii) Protein – Amino acids
iii) Fats and oil-Fatty acids and glycerol
-Protein is necessary in building and repairing body tissues in farm animals.
-Proteins provide energy which breaks down into amino acids during digestion and provides four c******s per gram.
-Proteins produce hormones which are chemicals produced by glands in one part of the body that help coordinate activities and communicate with other areas.
-Proteins provide antibodies which are specialized protein configurations that provide a specific immune defense against invaders

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C-Pueraria phaseoloides
D-Pennisetum purpureum
E-Leucaena leucocephala
C- Leguminious forage
D- Grass forage
E- Forage tree
-It enriches the soil with nitrates
-It serves as source of vitamins
-It helps in supplying protein to livestocks
-Mowing- The first stage is to cut the grass. This must be done when the grass is fullygrown, but is not over-mature, so that it produces tough, stocky hay
-Macerating- This is a“super conditioner”. Whereas a mower conditioner crimps the grass every 4 inches, the Macerator crimps the grass every 1/8 of an inch
-Tedding- The tedder takes the hay out of windrows, and spreads it flat across the field
-Raking It usually takes 3 to 4 days for the hay to dry properly
-Baling When the hay is completely dry and in windrows, it is ready to be baled.

J-Soldier ants destroys animal feeds
-They increase cost of production on the course of control
K-Weaver birds destroy animal feeds
-It reduces market value of farm produce
L-Weevil destroy stored farm produce
-it reduces the market valu of farm produce
J-By using insecticides
-By keeping the environment clean
K-By using scare crows
-By killing them using guns
L-By using insecticides
-By ensuring effective environmental sanitation
-Grain borer
-Grain moth
-Grain beetles

-Collection of bones
-Clean and sterilize the bone
-Dry the bone until ther are brittle
-Crush the bone into powder
Specimen Q
-It is used for packaging eggs
-It is used for marketing eggs
-It prevents the eggs from breakage and cracking
-Wood shaving
-It should be spread evenly or uniformly on the floor
-Water should be frevented from pouring on it
Ways of maintaining R
-Keeping it in cool and dry place
-By not exposing to direct rainfall

After bone processing by bone process equipment , such as bone crushing machine and bone paste grinding machine, animal bones can become valuable materials for feeding livestock.
sp W
-Duck fowl
sp X
sp W
-it is used for sucking and swallowing of food
-it is used for storage of food prior to digestion.
Sp X
-it is used for lifting milk production
-it is used for breaking down feed digestion

Animal improvement is a complex process which involves modification of the genotype and the environment in an harmonious fashion
the bringing into the farm or a country high quality breeds of livestock with a high productive capacity and other good desirable characteristics from another farm or country
i)Breeds which are not originally present in the home country are introduced
ii)It leads to the absence of pests and diseases.
iii)It enhance greater productivity
i)It may introduce new disease to the area
ii)It may introduce new pests to the area
iii)It may not perform maximally
progeny Selection is the process of picking or selecting from a mixed population, those animals with breeding value as parents
-It ensures that only the best naturally available animals are selected
-Animals with desirable characteristics are selected
-Animals with undesirablecharacteristics are detected and rejected
-Animals from best breeds are bred for distribution
-It also reduced the spread or parasites associated with breeding stocks
-It is easier and less expensive than natural mating. Since the farmer is saved the expense of maintaining a herd or male animal
-It is easier and cheaper to import the semen of exotic breeds rather than the male animals themselves
-It is possible to service many female of different size leading to the production of many offspring

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