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Yahoo Boy – How to Become A Yahoo Boy in 2019

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Yahoo Boy – How to Become A Yahoo Boy in 2019 by : 1:57 pm On July 3, 2019

In this tutorial, you will learn how to become a rich yahoo boy in 2019 without doing Yahoo ritual also known as Yahoo Plus. Just like our real-life businessmen, some Yahoo Boys are poor whereas some are rich. The rich Yahoo guys are usually said to have done Yahoo ritual.


Yahoo Boy

But then, one can become a rich Yahoo boy without engaging in a blood ritual. It all depends on your smartness. If you are creative enough, you don’t need any Juju to become a successful Yahoo boy.

Here, we will sharpen your intellectual quotient so that you too can make big money in Yahoo business. We will teach you everything you will need to cash out big from your client.

So pay attention to detail! Yahoo boys are making big money now. They live large, buy expensive cars, build mansions, tour their desired countries, etc.

Yahoo scam is no doubt one of the trending ventures in Nigeria now. However, this is an illegal business and can land you to prison.

Who Is A Yahoo Boy?

Before we go deeper, it is important that remind ourselves what Yahoo scam is all about or what Yahoo boys do to make money.

A Yahoo boy is a person who scams people online. Yahoo scam techniques are many. Some of them use the dating method, wire method etc. Continue reading for full detail on how to use the methods.

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What is Yahoo Business?

Like I already said; Yahoo business is an illegal act of extorting money in the form of cash or kind from a victim online, it is a scam, it is a subset of Nigerian “419“. Any person found in the act is liable to be charged with cybercrime.

According to Nigeria’s Cybercrime Act 2015, the following punishments are meted out to Yahoo boys or fraudsters who are found guilty of a cybercrime:

  • For cybercrime committed against a system or network designed for nationwide use and that has caused the death of an individual; the Yahoo boy is liable to a death penalty.
  • For cybercrimes involving unlawful access to a computer, the accused, if found guilty, is liable to a fine of 1O Million Naira or 5 years imprisonment.
  • In the case where the Yahoo Boy impersonates (Identity theft) somebody online, if found guilty, is liable to a fine of not less than N7 million or imprisonment of 3 years.
  • All these and more are what a Yahoo boy if found guilty of any of the above crimes or a related crime, is bound to face.

Do You Still Want to Become A Yahoo Boy?

Now, having known about what you tend to risk for being a Yahoo boy, do you still want to join? If yes, then keep calm and continue reading this article. But note that you shall be fully responsible for whatever comes out of it. This post has been written to expose the trick rich Yahoo boys are using to scam their unsuspecting victims. It is with no intent to encourage cybercrime.

But then knowledge may mean different thing to different people and as such one shall be answerable to whatever one uses his / her knowledge for.

Say no to Cybercrime! Use this article for informational purpose only.

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Wait! Before you read the rest of the article, please be sure you are up to 18 years or above. Kindly exit the site and close down the window if you are not.

So you made it to this section? You are welcome, you are about to learn all the secret behind Yahoo business or Yahoo scam; what and how the Yahoo boys lure their victims.

I know you might have been searching for a Yahoo boy who would show you how they work. Yes, before I was able to learn Yahoo scam, I was like that.

At some point, I was even scammed by some people all in a bid to become a Yahoo boy. Note that not all the people living large on social media are Yahoo boys. Some of them are even more broke than you.

What do Yahoo Boys do to Make Money?

For one to join any business, the first thing one needs to know is what or how the people in the business make a profit. With that, you will be able to know if you can actually do the business. In this part, we will talk about how Yahoo boys make money online.

When you see a business, you don’t just assume its profit-making scheme. Some businesses have a hidden profit-making scheme, the thing they sell is not necessarily where the money comes.

In the case of Yahoo boys, one might assume that they make money through an online scam. But then, do you think it is that easy to scam somebody online in this recession-bound economy?

Nevertheless, I can agree with you that the focal point of a Yahoo boy’s source of income lies in a scam. However, this scam is not just ordinary, not just as common as you may think. And at the end of the article, you will agree with me that not actually what you think gives them money, is where the money comes. Keep reading for the full tips.

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How Yahoo Boys Make Money Online

There are so many ways Yahoo boys earn money online. However, most of their means of getting money are usually illegal. Below are some of the ways Yahoo boys take advantages of their victims:

1. Online Dating Scam (Yahoo Boy Scam Method)

This one involves creating a social media account on any of the dating websites online. The Yahoo boy will look for a beautiful girl or handsome guy and impersonate him or her using the person’s social media pictures.

Most Nigerian Yahoo boys will impersonate a foreign account. They will claim to have come from the UK, Canada, the US etc. They will pretend to be looking for a lover. If their victim indicates interest, the Yahoo boy will devise a way to either make the client release his/her credit card details or make the victims to send them Gift card which they can redeem in naira equivalent.

2. Unsolicited Emails

This format of Yahoo scam has been around for many years now. And most people already know about it and hardly respond to it. But don’t worry! There is a new way the Yahoo boys are using to scam people through email. You will learn it in this article.

The old method involves sending bulk messages to some selected email addresses and then informing them of a mouth-watering offer. Sometimes, the Yahoo boy will pretend to be a girl and the only daughter of his parents. In this case, he may pretend that his parents are dead and that he is looking for a caring and lovable man who would marry him off and help him claim his father’s properties.

The client would be asked to send some amount of money for the paperwork. If the client complied with the demand, the Yahoo boy will keep devising ways to eat the victim’s money until he/she realises that they have been scammed.

3. Credit/Debit Card Scam

With the invention of credit/debit cards, there has been an increased rate of credit card frauds. Although some measures have been put in place to curb the menace of credit card fraud, some of the Yahoo boy’s tricks still prevail. In this article, we will show you the current trick that is still working.

With the sixteen-digit numbers in the front of a credit card coupled with some information, a Yahoo boy can tap into a victim’s financial account.

There are so many tricks Yahoo boys apply to get the victim’s credit card details. One of the popular methods is through a Javascript site. The Yahoo boy will clone a popular e-commerce site. He will send the victim a product from the cloned site with a promotional code.   The price will be lower than the original product since the victim will be buying with a discount code. The victim will be asked to pay online with his/her credit card. When the victim enters his/her credit card, the Yahoo boy will collect the credit card information with Javascript. With that, he can withdraw the money in the victim’s account. For more information on this, WhatsApp 09067385575.

The above method is for a credit card. A debit card has an additional security layer. And the Yahoo boy must break into that before he can get access to the victim’s bank account.  To make this possible, the Yahoo boy will use the credit card information to purchase bitcoin online. A verification code will be sent to the victim’s phone number by the bank. The Yahoo boy will then inform the victim of this through the cloned site. Once the victim sends the code through the cloned site, the Yahoo boy will use it to verify his illegal transaction.

Is it only bitcoin you can buy with a stolen credit card information? No! I used bitcoin because that is what most guys use it to buy. You can use a stolen credit card to buy a Gift card and pay for themes and plugins online. You can also use it to fund your bet account. I will show you how to do each of them.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card to Buy Bitcoin

Having been able to get access to your client’s credit/debit card information, you would like to know what you can use it to do. Like I already said, you can use it to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin is not the only option. However, you should be careful not to implicate yourself.

Why bitcoin is many people’s choice is because it is anonymous. And it is also easy to sell.

Before you can do this, you must have a bitcoin account. You can read how to create a bitcoin account here. I suppose you already know how to create a bitcoin account. Most Yahoo boys buy their bitcoin from Paxful. Paxful is good because it accepts multiple means of payment. Another good site is Paybis. It is used mostly for a credit card. Note that Nigerian debit card does not work on the site.

Getting Started for Online Dating Scam

I hope that you understood how the credit card scam works. Now, let me teach you how to do an online dating scam. This one is not only for Yahoo boys. Anybody can do this, though the advanced form is not for everybody. Below are some requirements for the online dating scam;

1. Laptop / Phone

Before you think of joining Yahoo boys, you must be sure that you have a good laptop and a mobile phone. Recommended laptop and phone are an  Apple laptop and a good iPhone.  Depending on how deep you want to go with your Yahoo scam, a good iPhone is enough for simple Yahoo.

Can I use my Android phone?  No! Android phones have so many limitations. You cannot use an iTunes Gift card on android phone. Yahoo boys cannot do without iTunes Gift card because it makes their work easy. With an iPhone, you can easily ask your client to send you an iTunes Gift Card. Besides, some dating websites are only available on iPhones.

So with your android phone, you may not be able to access some important Yahoo boys dating site. I believe you have known the reason why your Android phone may not work for this. Now, go and get an iPhone. It must not be the latest iPhone. As a result, you may look for an affordable iPhone and buy it. I assume you already have an iPhone or an Apple laptop, so let’s move to another step.

You should install the following apps on your iPhone or Apple laptop;

i. VPN

A VPN is a necessary app you should install on your phone or laptop. VPN means a Virtual Private Network.  It will help shield your true identity online. With a VPN, you can access some country-restricted websites.

Most of the dating websites Yahoo boys use have banned Nigerians from using the site. As such, you cannot access the site with a Nigerian IP address. A VPN will change your IP address to any country of your choice.  There are so many free VPN’s online. If you want to know the popular VPN Yahoo boys use, message 09067385575.

ii. Get A Firefox Browser

You should download and install the Firefox browser on your phone or laptop. There are some advantages Firefox has over other browsers. As a Yahoo boy, your anonymity matters a lot since your client might decide to track you. With some simple tweaking on Firefox, you can achieve 100% anonymity online. I will show you how to do that in another subheading.

iii. Download Grammarly App

Grammarly is an online grammar checker. It proofreads your chat while you are typing helping you to correct any error before sending your message. Grammarly gives users the option to select the type of English one is speaking, whether American or UK English.

Grammarly will help you to maintain a particular style of language. Hence, convincing your client that you are really from the country where you have claimed. It will make you appear educated and sound.

iv. Download Cloning App

A Yahoo boy cannot use his identity to scam. For that reason, he must impersonate somebody online. To make the client believe that he is the person he claimed to be, he must be able to accept video calls and voice calls from the client. And to do that, a cloning app is required. An app that can change his voice and face on a video call is needed.

There were so many apps that used to do that on the App Store. However, many of them have been taken down because of identity theft.  If you search online and you could not find one, you can chat me up for it (mine is not free ooh). Send me a WhatsApp message at 09067385575 if you need it.

2. Yahoo Boy Dating Sites

Dating websites are websites built specifically to help people find their soulmates, new friends etc. There are so many white men and women dating sites online. Here are few dating sites to get a client;

  • Waplog
  • Eharmony
  • Elitesingles
  • Facebook
  • Bumble App (Available only on iPhone)
  • Tinder
  • OkCupid

Sign up on any of the above dating websites. Note that it is better to use an old account. If you sign up as a new user, you should take time to make a few friends before billing your client. We also have some pre-created accounts on some of the sites. You can chat me up on Whatsapp if you need it.

3. A Foreign Phone Number is Needed

For example, if you say you are from the UK, you will need a UK phone number to verify your claim. And not only that, some of the dating sites require phone verification.  If you choose the US as your country, you should provide a US phone number.

I can clone any country phone number for you. If you need any, kindly send me a Whatsapp message on 09067385575.

4. Configuring Firefox Browser for 100% Anonymity Online

Yahoo boys cannot do without hiding their identities. With Firefox and a VPN, you can conceal everything about you. In this section, I will show you how to configure your Firefox browser for 100% anonymity.

Before you can do this, you must download Firefox on your phone. The browser is available on the App Store. If you don’t have it, go and download it now.

Now, let’s get to business. Setting up your Firefox browser for this is not difficult. However, you should also know how to tweak some things on your phone. Yahoo boys are not dumb or dull boys. They are always smart. So you too should sharpen your smartness.

The first thing we should do is to turn on Do Not Track on Firefox. To turn on Do Not Track, open your Firefox browser. Click on Settings. An then, tap on Privacy. The first option you will see is the Do Not Track feature. By default, it is turned off. Hence, you will need to turn it on by dragging the slide to the right. After you have done that, you can check your anonymity level by entering https://whoer.net. It should be 100% or close to that.

5. Where to Get Pictures for Your Online Profile

We are gradually coming to the end of this tutorial. However, we must not skip this crucial part.  As a Yahoo boy, you don’t use your picture for your business profile.

There are a few reputable websites to get free pictures. They are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

How to Get Picture from Instagram

Most Yahoo boys use Instagram to get images for their profile. However, you should be careful while doing this. Using somebody’s picture without the person’s consent is an illegal act punishable in the law court.

Before you use somebody’s picture, you must be sure that the person posts pictures regularly online and that he/she is not popular. Once you have found the right person, get the person’s username and save it somewhere.


Don’t follow the person, search the username each time you need new pictures. You should ensure that the person doesn’t find out that you are using his/her images.

Yahoo Boy Billing Format for Online Dating

Having gotten all the requirements for online dating, you should know your billing format. By billing format, I mean the strategy you will use to collect money from your client. Every Yahoo boy has a billing format. Your billing format may not necessarily be the same as the one here. However, your billing method must be able to produce a result.

Here is a simple Yahoo billing format for online dating;

This simple Yahoo billing format makes use of a female account. The Yahoo boy pretends to be a girl and assumes a Citizen of New Zealand using a cloning app. He will tell his client that he relocated to the US to further his education. Under frequent chatting, the client might decide to know him in person.

This time, he will lie that he and his colleagues are currently on a 3-month tour in Nigeria. He will pretend that he would have preferred visiting the client to tour.  He will tell the client that he doesn’t mind coming back if the client would pay for his flight. If the client is desperate, he will agree to pay. Since the Yahoo boy is now in Nigeria, he will forward a Nigerian bank account to the client.

Once the client pays, he will block every means of their communication and move to another person. The above trick is just a simple format. I will be dropping more technical ones soon. So, subscribe to our newsletter and always check back on this post.

Please don’t forget to share with your friends. One love keeps us together!

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