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Opera News Hub: How to SignUp/Login & Make Money

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Opera News Hub: How to SignUp/Login & Make Money by : 12:10 pm On April 21, 2020

I am pretty sure you have heard about the Opera News hub? Well, maybe through a friend or ads that pop while surfing the net? Anyways, I will share more light on the hub, what’s it really about, what to gain, and how to enjoy the community.

Opera News Hub is an online media platform where approved members can earn money and gain publicity by publishing and distributing original content. The sweetest info about Opera News Hub is that anyone can join the community and be among the payrolls gangs.

The opera news hub is a big community of elites and creative thinkers who want to make consistent incomes without having to stress themselves of creating a website. What a juicy opportunity!

A little dedication of your time like 12 – 48hours a week is something you can sacrifice and you get paid handsomely when the month ends. Withdrawal is every 15th of each month.

In this article, we will explore how to sign up or login to Opera news, how to make money in the community, withdrawal info and other useful tips to get you acquainted to the community. Shall we begin?

The Opera news hub is an online platform for online users mostly bloggers and writers to showcase their writing prowess and exposure.

The opera news hub helps connect other mobile apps users to reach audiences both local and foreign and to also get more presence socially for the circulation of their contents. It simply means the more relevant and audience, your content attracts, the more income you incur.


How to Submit Your Site/Blog to Opera Mini News Feed

How to make money on Opera News hub?

Opera News hub rewards informative and engaging post and you can use that to build a steady financial inflow. But how do you start? Here are the tips;

Opera News Hub
Opera News Hub

As I said before, Opera News Hub provides publishers (Authors and Bloggers) with the platform to showcase their creativity while making money off it. Opera News Hub curates contents created by Publishers on Opera Browser and the standalone Opera News app.

As an approved publisher, your contents can reach over 350 million Opera users. Note that Opera News is curated based on users’ interest.

Opera News Hub is legit, not a scam.  If you are a content creator wishing to earn online, Opera News Hub is here for you. Take advantage of the opportunity and thank me later. Below is how to signup.

How to Register or Signup for Opera News Hub

Step 1: Create An Account
First, you need to sign up on their official website – Opera News Hub. On the site homepage, you will find the login /sign up button depending on the one you want to click. Let’s assume you want to sign up, click the signup button, next, you will see a notification asking you to continue with a Google account (mail) or Facebook account. You can choose any. I will choose a Google account.

After you have logged in to your Google account, the next page will be your account set up.
The account setup includes personal info about yourself and business skills. For example, you will be requested to fill information like ;

Wemedia Name: Wemedia is like a username or channel name. It is a unique name that serves as your publisher’s name. You can use your Instagram or Twitter username if nobody has used it. After choosing your Wemedia name, select the category you will be writing in.

Category: This is what you are passionate about. It includes different areas of life. For example, you have Entertainment, Lifestyle, Politics, Sports, and Fashion etc. Just the category you think you have flair for.

Profile Photo: This is your image. Choose a professional and simple photo in your gallery.

Biography: Just write something catchy and interesting about your skills. This is your selling point.

Step 2: Account Information
This is your personal information. It includes details of how you will be paid. The information here should be valid. Don’t make a mistake here. Fill the details correctly, This includes a means of payment which is ‘Opay’. Download the app and register. When you are done, fill in your Opay account number which is your registered number on Opay, eleven digits. You can proceed to your account and start publishing contents.
Note : Your account will undergo reviews for some hours before it’s activated.

Step 3: Publish your first content
Now, this is the main business of all our talks. Creating original content can be tiring and time-consuming but it’s something to be proud of. Finally, after your account has gone through reviews and activation, you can start to publish your content from the dashboard which is at the left-hand side of your screen. In the dashboard, you will see stuff like:

1 Article Title: The trick here is to get your readers attention. A catchy title will be cool. Take, for example, you write on a relationship update, you can put a catchy title to your content like “Playing the seductive card”. Trust me, no one will see that title and won’t be drawn to have a look even if he’s not interested to read the full article but your title attracted him or her. Get catchy title here!

2. Content: Make sure your content is full of information and engaging. Use trigger questions in your writeup, don’t be too generic. Use HI and H2 header to distinct your content, when you are done, scroll down and click the blue button to publish.

How You Get Paid With Opera News Hub

Here, we will do a breakdown of how it works in the Opera community.

  • 1 click gets 0.036 bonus
  • 100 clicks will be 0.036 multiply by 100 =3.6
  • 1000 clicks will be 0.036 multiply by 1000 = 36
  • 10,000 clicks will be 0.036 multiply by 10000= 360
  • 25,000 clicks will be 0.036 multiply by 25000= 900

You must be thinking the amount is too low and to get such clicks will be difficult? But let me shock you, it’s a big platform and you can get 25000 or more clicks within a short time depending on your content. Write compelling content!

Also, there are bonuses for Post share and comments. To be eligible for the engagement bonus, your article must have more than 100 engagements. If your article engagement is lesser than 100, you won’t be eligible for the bonus. The eligible bonus per engagement is 1800. Really cool!

For example, 200 engagements, will get 2.0 x 1800 = ₦3600 as an engagement bonus

Tips To Get Your Content Approve Faster

The platform is a big one and to be frank, not all content will be approved. To make sure your content is approved, you need to embrace quality, stop copy and paste – it’s called plagiarism. You also need to avoid using titles that contain words like ;

  • Shocking
  • Shock
  • OMG
  • Unbelievable
  • Twitter goes wild
  • Amazing etc

Those words are seen as trying to cajole readers to read your content at all cost.

How To Make Withdrawals on Opera News Hub

After a good hard work, one deserves rewards. You can withdraw your earnings and how to go about it is explained below ;

  • Register your Opay account. Your account number is your mobile number.
  • Fill your account details before publishing your first post.
  • Payments are processed on the 15th of every month.

How to Publish Articles on Opera News Hub

Following the publication of this article, I have received so many messages from new members asking to know how to post articles on Opera News Hub. Because of the high demand, I think it is wise to explain the nitty-gritty of article creation on Opera News Hub.

To create a post on Opera News Hub, log into your account. Once you are signed in, locate the Create Post icon. The icon is different for mobile and desktop devices. On desktop browsers, it is represented by a pencil symbol with the text, Create.

On mobile browsers, clicking on the small circle icon with a plus sign at the right-hand side of the browser will open the post creation dashboard. On the Opera News app, it is still the same icon but with a small pencil symbol inside. See Image below👇

Create Post Icon - Opera News Hub

Once you click on the Create Post icon, it will bring you to the publishing dashboard. See the image below👇

Opera News Hub Publishing Dashboard

For easy understanding, let’s divide the dashboard into sections. The sections are; the title, function keys, body, thumbnail, category, tags, and the Publish button.

The title is the first field on the dashboard. The title holds a maximum of 100 characters. While typing it, the number of characters will be reading at the right-hand side of the field. Don’t exceed the limit and don’t make your title too short.

The title should be well written and grammatically correct. Don’t use upper case letters all through in the title. Capitalize the first letter of each word in the title with the exception of prepositions.

The first letter of the first word in the title should also be capitalized regardless of the part of speech it belongs to. And the title should not contain any clickbait words.

To get your article approved, ensure that the title is relevant to the content and does not contain undue exaggeration for sensational purposes.

Function Keys
There are eight functions keys on the dashboard and each key has a unique function. The function keys are H1, H2, Bold, Insert Image, Insert Link, Clear Format, Undo and Redo. By mousing over the function key icons you will see what each of the icons stands for.

H1 and H2 Tags
The H1 tag stands for the first heading while the H2 is a subheading of H1. These should be used only when you are writing a long length article. You can use it to section off your content.

Insert Image
This function is used to import images into your article.

Insert Link
If you have published other articles on Opera News hub, you can use the function to link to the article(s) or to link to an external article relevant to the content.

Clear Format
This function can be used to clear the format of texts. For example, if you have copied some parts of the content online, the copied content will come with the already existing styles. The copied content may be bold or italics, by highlighting the text and clicking on the Clear Format, the already existing styles will be erased.

Undo and Redo
Undo and Redo functions are used to revert to the previous and the newest changes made in an article respectively.


Here is where you enter the content of your article. The body accommodates a maximum of 10000 characters. The article should have a minimum of 150 words for news and 500 words for analytical posts. The contents should be original and grammatically correct.

Don’t copy content from other sources even if it is your blog. You can quote other sources but be professional and ensure that at least 50 per cent of the content is in your words.

To avoid plagiarism, try as much as possible to add value to the already existing articles online. This way, you will be able to come up with a unique constructive article.

Use punctuation marks and function keys to present your content in a simple and eloquent form. Avoid compacting all your ideas in one paragraph.

Your contents should not contain any form of advertisements. Don’t ask your reader to message you or call you or visit your online store. Focus on the content and the reader. The remuneration for the article is yours if it gets approved. So, maintain recommended publishing ethics.

After the body section of the article is the Thumbnail. It is the featured image that is displayed alongside the post title on apps and browsers. Only images uploaded to the body can be used as a thumbnail.

Consequently, if you wish to use any image as a thumbnail, ensure that you upload it to the body first.

The category is the class where the article fits in. There are about 18 categories of post on Opera News Hub. Select the appropriate category for your content.

On Opera News Hub, a tag is a word or a group of words that identifies articles of interest. A post can contain more than a tag. But the hashtag should be relevant to the content.

For example, a post with this title “Boko Haram Leader, Shekau, Ready to Surrender, Says Military” can have the following tags; Boko Haram News, Terrorism, Public Safety.

Draft, Preview and Submit Button
At this stage, you are almost through with your content and about to make it public or private. If you want to make the article private only (maybe you have not finished with it), you can do so by simply clicking on the Draft button. It will be saved for further modification.

But, if you want to publish it, preview the article by clicking on the Preview button. If you are satisfied with it, click on the bold blue Submit button. The article will be reviewed by the Opera team and approved if it meets the publishing criteria.

Note: The review process may take up to 24hours. It is advisable to exercise patience during this period. If you have the time and strength, you can start writing a new article while you wait for them to approve the submitted post.

Opera News Hub Withdrawal Payment Proof

In case you still don’t believe that Opera News Hub pays, I will show you my last withdrawal payment proof. They sent the money to my Opay account number on the 15th of February, 2o20. It was not so big because I was not consistent with it.

They credited my Opay account with N7,028.6 which I later transferred to my UBA account.

Please, the amount should not discourage you as I was not serious about it. The total number of articles I posted was only 4. So, imagine if I was posting regularly. I could have made more than that.

Without wasting much of your time, below is my earning payment proof:

Opera News Hub Withrawal Payment Proof
Withdrawal Payment Screenshot

In summary, Opera hub is for everyone who’s interested in enjoying financial frills and networking benefits. Register today!

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